76 Gas Station Application Online & PDF 2021

76 Gas Station is an American chain of gas stations that are operating. The company was founded in 1932 as Union 76. The brand is famous for its logo, which is an orange ball with “76” written on it in blue. The brand name is a referral to the 1776 United States Declaration of Independence and the octane rating of the gasoline in 1932. Today, there are over 1,800 retail locations of 76 Gas Station in the United States.

76 Gas Station Application Online

76 Gas Station Jobs and Careers

If you are interested in working at the most well-known gas station chain, 76 Gas Station is the one for you. 76 is committed to being on the drivers’ side for more than 80 years with hundreds of gas stations across the country. 76’s goal is being the reliable station of roads, and the companion of passengers. Join 76 today if you want to be part of this huge national network.

How do I apply for a job at 76 Gas Station?

There is no 76 Gas Station online job application option. You can apply for a job at a 76 Gas Station in your neighborhood in-store. This takes a little more time than submitting an online application, but the chances of recruitment are indeed higher. Find the management when you arrive at the gas station and request a short talk. Tell them that you are searching for a job and would like to apply for a job if there is an opening at the moment. You will be informed by the management.

Since the official company website of 76 Gas Station doesn’t contain any page that is about careers at this company, you are advised to visit your local gas station and ask for employment information.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 18

Hours of Operation: Always open.

Job Positions: Cashier/customer service associate, gas station attendant, auto mechanic.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Cashier / Customer Service Associate: You will stock cooler and groceries, and operate cash registers. You will be expected to provide great customer service. You should ring up groceries accurately and in a timely manner. You will start by earning about $15/hour.

Prerequisite: 21 years of age. Having a food handlers card.

Gas Station Attendant: You will sweep the pump area for trash and other garbage. You will check the trash can, water, and paper towels by the pumps. You will dust the candies and other snacks with the duster. If necessary, you should restock snacks and drinks. You will check the bathroom frequently to see if it’s clean and toilet papers and paper towels are full. You will vacuum and mop the store, and most importantly, you should be courteous and friendly to customers. You will earn about $12-15/hour.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED preferred.

Auto Mechanic: You will scan, diagnose and repair automotive vehicles. You will perform routine vehicle maintenance. You will earn about $17-18/hour.

Prerequisite: 3 years of mechanic and auto mechanic repair troubleshooting experience. High school diploma or GED.

  • Sales Associate – $12.27 per hour
  • Gas Station Attendant – $12.83 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative – $11.38 per hour
  • Cashier – $13.07 per hour
  • Automotive Mechanic – $18.07 per hour
  • Cook – $9.82 per hour

76 Gas Station Employee Benefits

76 Gas Station employees can enjoy some benefits and perks such as an employee discount and some paid time off. It has been reported that a 10% employee discount on store items is offered. However, little or no paid sick leave and little vacation time are offered to 76 Gas Station employees. Also, no insurance nor retirement plan has been reported by former employees on the internet, but the benefits package may vary by location. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your local 76 Gas Station manager to learn more specific information about 76 Gas Station employee benefits.

76 Gas Station Job Application Form PDF

There is no printable job application form of 76 Gas Station on the internet. Visit a 76 Gas Station location near you and ask for employment information. All the best!

76 Gas Station Interview Process and Interview Questions

After you apply for a job, you will be invited for an interview in a few days or weeks. When a job opening is up, the managers will call you and an on-site interview will be held. The interview process is easy and goes well for many employee candidates. You will be asked about your previous job experiences. You should keep your work area clean and stocked, and you should learn the prices of items at your location once you get hired, so during the interview, it is recommended that you create a professional impression.

What states have a 76 Gas Station?

76 Gas Station is present across most of the United States, excluding the Midwestern states and some Northeastern states. California is the home for almost half of the 76 Gas Station locations across the country. Washington and Oregon have also high numbers of gas stations. Most of the gas stations can be found in Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Portland, San Jose, and Las Vegas. You can find the exact locations of your nearby 76 Gas Station locations on the company website’s station finder.

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