Kohl’s Job Application Form 2019

Kohl’s Online Application

The first store opened in 1962, as a departmental store while the inception by Maxwell Kohl was done in 1927.Founded in Wisconsin, USA, Kohl’s has grown into a chain of retail stores covering 49 states of the USA with over 1155 locations according to 2016 figures.

Their revenue the same year was found to be close to 18.7 billion USD. This infrastructure is run by 138,000 employees comprising full-time and part time careers.

Open Positions: Help Wanted, Retail Merchandiser, Part-Time Freight Associate, Part-Time Retail Sales Associate.

How to Apply Kohl’s: Official Site

Kohl’s Job Application Online

You can find the careers section at the bottom of the page on the rightmost column. This lands you to a colorful page and a search tool button.

In the next section, you can see the advanced location-based search tool followed by recent job postings. Before you begin the job application process, you can create an account.

This helps to apply for multiple jobs quickly. You can find other info under the culture tab. If you are looking for job application for 17 year olds and college students try using keywords in the above tool.

Kohl’s Part Time Jobs                               

Among various kinds of jobs and categories, you can look for part time jobs for 17 year olds using keywords like “seasonal hiring” or “hourly jobs”. The basic pay for such entry-level positions ranges from $8.5 to $16 for management roles.

The mostly hired roles include cashier, a sales associate who gets around $8.7, then you have customer service representatives at $9.9 while supervisors of various categories get around $11, $13 and $16 per hour on an average in the US.

Kohl’s Will Take on Staff

They take staff through the above job postings. You can sign in through the LinkedIn in which case you don’t have to create the whole resume once again. You also get updates on recent part time jobs as soon as it is posted.

Kohl’s Job Application Form

Try joining the talent network to get in touch with employees at Kohl’s. Before filling the job application form for specific jobs like internships this can help.

You don’t have any option for an offline application using job application PDF.


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