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Westin Hotels & Resorts is an American upscale hotel chain. Since 2016, it is owned and operated by Marriott International. The first hotel of the founders was opened in 1930. The hotel chain was operating in several states across the US when the name changed into Westin Hotels in 1981. Since the 2000s, Westin Hotels is expanding globally. Today, there are 223 Westin hotels in about 40 countries around the world. 124 of them are located in the United States.

Westin Hotels & Resorts Application Online

Job Application Form PDF

There is no Westin Hotels & Resorts printable job application form on the internet. Therefore, we recommend you to visit the official employment website of the parent company of Westin by clicking the link above in the “How to Apply” section. There, you can make an online job application to Westin.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the official employment website of Marriott, which is the parent company of Westin Hotels.
  3. Write “westin” in the search bar to search for jobs only at Westin Hotels & Resorts. You can also enter location info to limit the job offers to the area where you live.
  4. Click a job offer, then click the “Read More” link to read the details about the job.
  5. Read the job summary, candidate profile, and job-specific tasks on a new page.
  6. Click “Apply” in the upper right corner.
  7. On the new page, you must enter your email address to continue.
  8. You should fill out the online job application form and submit it through that application portal as the last step.

Job Positions

  • Reservations clerk
  • Front desk agent
  • Food & beverage attendant
  • Life guard
  • Maintenance
  • Plumber
  • Spa therapist
  • Loss prevention associate
  • Service express agent
  • Accounting clerk
  • Guest service representative
  • Front desk supervisor
  • Room attendant
  • Public area attendant
  • Cook
  • Income auditor


Don’t you want to work in a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by smiling people? Westin Hotels believes that all guests should leave the restaurant feeling better than when they arrived. Of course, an outstanding hotel experience starts with a warm welcome. If you are a person who likes smiling, being around people and being good at communicating with people, working at Westin Hotels can be the perfect fit for you.

Minimum Age to Work: 18

Hours of Operation: Always open.

Job Positions & Salaries

Reservations Clerk: You will process all reservation requests, changes, and cancellations received by phone, fax, or mail. You will need to identify guest reservation needs and determine the appropriate room type. You will explain guarantees, special rates, and cancellation policies to callers.

Prerequisite: None.

Front Desk Agent: You will assist staff with expediting problem payments. You will follow up with guests regarding satisfaction with guest-related issues. You will process all guest check-ins by confirming reservations, assigning rooms, and issuing and activating room keys.

Prerequisite: None.

Food & Beverage Attendant: You will store all reusable goods, break down goods, clean all equipment and areas, return equipment to proper locations, lock refrigerators, restock items, turn off lights, lock doors, and complete the daily cleaning checklist. You will set up, stock, and maintain work areas. You will inspect the cleanliness and presentation of all china, glass, and silver prior to use.

Prerequisite: None.

Life Guard: You will observe the swimming area for dangerous conditions, unusual or unsafe activities, and swimmers who are struggling. You will use appropriate rescue techniques if observing swimmers in need of assistance.

Prerequisite: Completing safety training and certifications.

Assistant Restaurant Manager: ­­­­­­You will be responsible for bar/lounge daily shift operations and supervision of staff. You will assist with promoting the lounge and menu planning. You will strive to ensure guest and employee satisfaction while maintaining the operating budget.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED plus 4 years of food and beverage experience OR, a 2-year degree from an accredited university in related major plus 2 years of food and beverage experience.


The interview process includes two parts. The first part is a group interview where they ask you general questions about yourself, your previous jobs, your availability and your experience with guest service you have had in the past. They may also give you some scenarios and ask how you would handle this kind of situation. If you perform well then you will be called back for the second part. This may take one or two weeks. They will ask you to bring your documents and fill in some documents. You will be watched an orientation video about the company’s policy for customer services.

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