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Company Info

Visionworks of America, Inc. is an eyewear company based in the United States of America. The main office of the company is located in San Antonio, Texas. Visionworks produces and wholesales eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and accessories. The company was established in 1988 as a merger of multiple companies. Today, the Visionworks company operates more than 700 stores in over 40 states all over the country. Moreover, Visionworks has a website that provides its clients with hundreds of kinds of men’s, women’s and children’s glasses. There are about 8,000 people working at the retail stores and at the company headquarters today. Before, the company was a subsidiary of the HVHC company. Visionworks was sold to VSP Global, an American international eyecare company, in 2019, and currently is a subsidiary of this company.

Visionworks Application Form Online

Job Application Form PDF

Since Visionworks provides no printable job application form on the web for in-person job applicants, you are recommended to apply for a job at Visionworks online by visiting the company’s official career website. By browsing there, you can find the best employment options.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the official career website of Visionworks.
  2. You will see the big “SEARCH FOR JOBS” button if you scroll down a bit. If you scroll down more, you can find 4 career options, which are: Doctor Practices, Retail Stores, Support Center, and Manufacturing. You can click the one that fits the best with your current interests.
  3. Suppose you clicked the “SEARCH FOR JOBS” button. You will see a list of job openings at all Visionworks locations. You can perform an advanced search by entering the job title, req ID, and/or by selecting the location from the dropdown list.
  4. Click the job title when you encounter an appealing job position on the list.
  5. A new page will open. Read the summary, essential responsibilities, education/experience, behavioral characteristics, and mental/physical requirements sections on the new page. Then, if you think you are suitable for the job position, click the blue “Apply Now” button below the  HIPAA & Security Requirements text.
  6. You need to sign in to continue. You can create a new account easily if you don’t have one. After you successfully sign in, you can complete the remaining few steps of the online job application process. Good luck!

Job Positions

  • Retail eyewear specialist
  • Optical assistant
  • Licensed optician
  • Retail receptionist
  • Optometric technician
  • Retail supervisor
  • Third key retail
  • Optometric coordinator
  • Retail general manager


Which one of the five senses of human beings is the most important one for you? If your answer is “the sight”, you may be interested in a job at Visionworks. Visionworks gives as much importance as you do to the sense of sight. Therefore, the company employs people for whom the sight holds and importance. The company operates in most of the US states with hundreds of stores, so you don’t need to be very lucky to find a Visionworks location close to where you live. Smooth and calm working hours and agreeable income sound pleasing, right? So why wait on? Apply for a job at Visionworks now and start your charming career.

Job Positions & Salaries

Retail Eyewear Specialist: You will sell eyewear products and provide outstanding service at the Visionworks location. You should talk to the customers/clients in a professional manner, either face-to-face or on the phone. You should identify the needs of the customers, and suggest appropriate products. You will stock merchandise, clean and straighten displays and the entire store on a regular basis.

Retail Receptionist: You will greet the customers and assist them during the time they spend at the Visionworks location. You will schedule appointments, verify insurance coverage, maintain accurate patient records, and assist with preliminary testing under the Optometrist’s supervision.

It would also be useful to mention that most of the jobs at Visionworks require at least a high school diploma, GED, or 1-5 years of related job experience.

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