Timothy’s World Coffee Application Online & PDF 2023

Timothy’s World Coffee

Timothy’s World Coffee is a coffee shop chain that is operating in Canada. Timothy’s World Coffee has 40 locations across Canada.

Timothy’s World Coffee Job Positions

  • Barista
  • Manager

Timothy’s World Coffee Job Descriptions


Barista is the most popular entry-level job at Timothy’s World Coffee. As a Barista, you will prepare the beverage orders (mostly different kinds of coffee) behind the counter. You won’t only be preparing coffee of course. You will also take the orders of customers and sometimes you might explain the menu items to confused customers. After taking their orders, you will take their payments, too.

Timothy’s World Coffee How To Apply Online

According to the official career website of Timothy’s World Coffee, you need to send your resume to one of the email addresses written on the company web page. You can click this link to take a look at the career web page of Timothy’s World Coffee.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

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