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Target is an American discount retailer chain. Target has about 1,850 stores throughout the United States. About 360,000 employees are estimated to be employed at this company at the moment.

Target Job Application Form PDF

There is no printable job application form of Target on the web that is for US citizens. However, you can find the printable job application form of Target Australia (which is operating in Australia and New Zealand) below on this page.

You can also print it, fill it with your pen and submit it to your local Target store. Although it might not be accepted in the US, it would not negatively affect your job application, so we recommend that you give it a try. Good luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

Target How To Apply Online

To see how you can apply online for a job at Target, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the official career website of Target.
  2. Search jobs by keyword, city, state, or zip code. Click “search”.
  3. You will see the job listings on a new page.
  4. By using the panel on the right side, you can filter the jobs on the list by criteria such as job area, location, compensation type, schedule, etc.
  5. When you find a suitable job, click it to read more about that job position on a new page.
  6. Click “apply now” on the new page after reading about the job.
  7. You will then be redirected to a new website with similar text. Click “Apply” on the new page.
  8. A pop-up will appear. You can apply manually or apply via one of your accounts.
  9. After you sign in successfully, all you need to do will be to fill out the online application form.

Target Job Positions

There are plenty of entry-level positions and management-level positions at Target stores. There are warehouse jobs as well. Entry-level employees typically work part-time and earn hourly wages, although there are also some full-time entry-level employees at Target. The most popular jobs at Target are:

  • Style Consultant
  • Sales Associate
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Manager

Target Job Descriptions

Target is famous for hiring students with no prior working experience. If you also lack experience, this company can be a great starting point for you. In addition to this, you do not need any degree to be accepted for some of the job positions in the company. Below, you can find two of these positions that you can apply for right now.


As you can guess, the first position is the cashier. You are going to help customers check out the products they buy in the store. Cashiers will also need to follow the store rules and guidelines about checkouts. Moreover, you will have to ensure the cleanliness of your working space. You will also help the team to restock the shelves at the end or beginning of the day.

Service Team Member

The other position you can apply for is food service team member. You are going to work in the food and beverage section of the store. Although you are not responsible for serving the customers, you will have to clean the tables and gather the remaining orders. In addition to this, you need to clean the floors and restrooms. Depending on the request of your supervisor, you may also work in the kitchen to support the daily operations.

Warehouse Team Member

The second job you may want to consider is the warehouse team member. In this position, you will be responsible for the stocking of products and preparing the orders of the customers. It is worth noting that you need to be able to move, lift, push and pull heavy boxes. Moreover, you need to clean your working space before you leave your shift to make it ready for the next worker and operations.

Target Careers

Target Corporation is one of the largest retailers in the US. People can buy everything by coming to one place, which proves how big the firm is. If you have an interest in working here be sure that it is a true choice because at this company you will build yourself a great future. You will have great memories because you will not get exhausted mentally or physically. Besides that, you will get a high salary. To your satisfaction, apply for this job.

Target Interview

Half an hour after you submit your online application, you might receive an email to schedule your in-store interview. The interview is usually scheduled within a week. There are two interviews that are one-on-one, of which both last about 15 minutes.

The first interview will be held with the main team leader and the second one will be held with a manager. There will be typical interview questions. The interview topics will include your employment history, the reason you left your previous jobs, and your expectations about the job at Target. Some situational questions might be asked alongside basic interview questions.

After the interview process is done, you will be subjected to a drug test and a background check. Then, finally, you can start your new job at Target after they set your schedule.

Target Hiring Process

After the interview process ends, if they decide to hire you, the orientation process will start. They will first take you on a tour of the store. You will then learn useful information about your specific position and learn how to perform tasks to succeed. There is a dress code at Target. You are required to wear a red shirt or a red top. Wearing jeans is also allowed now. Summers are not the busiest time at Target stores. However, holidays can be very, very busy.

Target Company Culture

Target sees its team members at the heart of their success. To help meet the team members’ needs, Target offers team members exciting new family care benefits on top of the company’s industry-leading pay. These family-focused enhancements pick up where traditional parental leave policies end so that the team members can support their families for years to come.

Target chief human resources (HR) officer Melissa Kremer has recently said, “We’ve taken a strong position on minimum starting wages, but that’s just one facet of our team member experience. Our team finds so much support here to grow.” The starting wage at Target was increased to $15 per hour in July 2021.

What is it like to work at Target?

During your shifts as a Target employee, you will be always on your feet. You will be expected to maintain your positive attitude and be cheerful all day, which can be tiring in the long term. Hourly Target employees get each schedule 2 weeks in advance. Thus, they have the chance to plan their upcoming weeks. During work, you get breaks every 3 hours and every 5 hours. The first break, which lasts for 15 minutes, is paid, but the second break is unpaid. The second break lasts for 30 minutes and you can eat food during that break.

Target Employee Perks

Target employees can buy all store items at a 10% discount. Target encourages employees to live healthily, so additional discounts may be there if you buy healthy food, etc. There is a diverse age range of Target employees in terms of age, race, etc. There are both teenagers and older people at the same time. Also, it should be said that new employees come and go quickly at Target stores.

Choosing the Right Job at Target

Fitting room employees at Target are called style consultants. The definition has little to do with recommending people things. If you become a Target style consultant, you will reorganize and hang up clothes in the fitting rooms all day. If you love to interact with people, you can easily get bored and feel lonely as a style consultant. In such a case, we would recommend that you apply for a cashier position because cashiers always interact with people throughout the day. If you are an extraverted person, the cashier position will be definitely better.

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