Shoprite (South Africa) Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

Shoprite is a supermarket chain that is operating in South Africa and several other African countries. Shoprite is a different company from ShopRite, which operates in the United States of America. There are 3,000 stores owned by Shoprite today. Shoprite is the owner of some other brands such as Checkers supermarkets, Usave stores, OK Furniture outlets and MediRite pharmacies. About 140,000 people are working at stores owned by Shoprite.

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Job Positions

  • Store clerk
  • Packer
  • General worker
  • Cashier
  • Cleaner
  • Grocery associate
  • Retail sales associate
  • Truck loader
  • Labourer
  • Store management jobs

These are entry-level positions, which means that you have the chance of being hired even if you don’t have any previous work experience in a supermarket.

Job Descriptions

Store Associate

You will be working on the sales floor in this job position. This will require you to walk a lot during your shifts. You should greet customers who come to the store and assist them with their possible inquiries. You might have to do cashier’s duties as well sometimes. You should inspect the shelves and bring new products from the stockroom when a shelf is empty. You will have to perform cleaning activities on a regular basis as well to keep the store clean at all times.

How To Apply

There are two options if you would like to apply for a job at Shoprite. You can either visit the career website of Shoprite and submit an online application to the company, or you can apply in-store by visiting a physical Shoprite store location and talking to a store manager about employment, current vacancies, and the application process. If you prefer the first option, here are the steps you should follow to successfully submit an online job application to Shoprite:

1. Go to the career website of Shoprite.

Shoprite (South Africa) Application Online & PDF

2. Move your mouse onto the red box, in which “Select One” is written in white. A dropdown menu will open. You can choose the career category from the list. Click the category that you want.

Shoprite (South Africa) Application Online & PDF

3. Suppose you click the “Work at our stores” link. A new page will open. In the blank, you should enter your South African ID number. Then click “Next”.

Shoprite (South Africa) Application Online & PDF

4. You will see three questions on the next page. Answer them by clicking on “Please Select” and selecting an answer from the dropdown menu. Then click “Next”.

Shoprite (South Africa) Application Online & PDF

5. On a new page, you will see more questions. Answer all of them again. Then click “Next”.

Shoprite (South Africa) Application Online & PDF

6. This is the last step of the online job application process. Provide the requested personal information and provide your contact information. Then, click “Next”.

Shoprite (South Africa) Application Online & PDF


After you click the “Next” button, if your application has been submitted successfully, you will see a page that confirms this. If you have any missing or incorrect information, you will be informed to correct the information and try to submit the application again.

The online job application process will be completed after you are informed by the company’s website that you have successfully submitted the online application.

Job Application Form PDF

Shoprite doesn’t provide any printable job application form on the internet that job seekers who live in South Africa can use when they make an in-store application for a job at Shoprite.

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