Shoe Carnival Application Online & PDF 2021

Shoe Carnival is an American footwear company. It is primarily selling men’s, women’s, children’s and athletic footwear. Founded in 1978 in Evansville, Louisiana, the company has over 400 stores today. The stores are usually in the Midwest, South and Southeast. Consistent with the name, Shoe Carnival stores are fast-paced environments. A mic person announces limited time promotions, such as discounts or fun specials, over the microphone.

Shoe Carnival Application

Shoe Carnival Jobs and Careers

It’s time for the best carnival in the city, namely Shoe Carnival! With hundreds of stores and thousands of members in the country, Shoe Carnival is looking for new members to work with. Since 1978, The Shoe Carnival is aiming for providing the best quality shoes and selling them at the best prices. If you want to join this colorful carnival today, Shoe Carnival is waiting for you!

How do I apply for a job at Shoe Carnival?

  1. Go to the career website of Shoe Carnival.
  2. Search jobs by job title or category, and by city or postal code.
  3. You can also click on “View All Jobs at Shoe Carnival”.
  4. Click on a good job position.
  5. Read the job description carefully.
  6. If you like it, click “Apply” at the top of the page.
  7. To proceed, you need to sign in or register.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 18

Hours of Operation: Every day 9:30am-9:30pm.

Job Positions: Cashier, sales associate, mic person, assistant store manager, store manager, cash lead, sales department lead, retail floor supervisor, processing clerk, reach truck order picker, loss prevention associate.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Cashier: You will handle cash and control inventory. You should make the shopping experience for the customers more fun and exciting by communicating with them. When there are promotions at the store, you should inform the customers at the check-out point, where you will stay at.

Prerequisite: None.

Sales Associate: You will provide total customer service, by maintaining a neat, clean and organized Shoe Carnival store. You will help to merchandise and organize the products in the store.

Prerequisite: None.

Mic Person: Over the microphone, you will announce in-store promotions over the microphone at certain intervals. You are expected to have a persuasive voice that creates a sense of urgency and enthusiasm.

Prerequisite: Excellent oral communication skills.

Assistant Store Manager: You will assist the Store Manager with the daily management responsibilities. You will manage cash and control inventory. You should follow the company standards and ensure that all employees are doing so.

Prerequisite: 2 years of customer service/retail experience.

Store Manager: You will be supervising all other employees at your store to ensure productivity. You are expected to stick to the store and department standards of Shoe Carnival.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED. 2 years of customer service/retail experience.

Shoe Carnival Job Application Form PDF

Down below this text, you can find the link to the printable job application form of Shoe Carnival. Print it, fill it with your pen, and submit it to the Shoe Carnival location that you want to start working at. You will have a greater chance of employment if you make an in-person job application.

The application form for employment at Shoe Carnival is 4 pages long. Start filling out the form by writing the position that you desire. Then write today’s date, your full name, address, phone numbers, and email address. Then, read the notice and check “yes” or “no”. Next, fill in the table that is about your education. Below the table, list relevant job-related honors, professional licenses, computer skills, special skills and/or training that you have. The second page is titled Employment Experience. List your previous places of employment and provide necessary details about them. Make sure that you answer the following two Yes/No questions at the bottom of the page. On the third page, you will find general questions. Answer them, then provide professional and/or personal references who know your work background and/or your character. These references should not be your relatives. On the fourth page, you will find further miscellaneous questions. After you complete filling in the blanks, read the Certification starting in the middle of the fourth page. Sign and date the form to validate your application.

Shoe Carnival Job Application Form

Shoe Carnival Interview Process and Interview Questions

The interview process at Shoe Carnival is similar to the interview processes at other shoe store chains. You will be invited to an interview about a week after you apply for a job, and the interview will be held in the backroom of the store. Your availability and flexibility, transportation, personality, retail experience, and education will probably be asked during the interview. Also, you should expect questions about your shoe knowledge. Shoe Carnival stores are upbeat environments, so the interviewers will prefer to hire energetic job applicants.

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