Seattle Coffee Company Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

Seattle Coffee Company is a coffee shop chain that is operating in South Africa. The first Seattle Coffee Company location was opened in 1993 in London, UK. 3 years later, the founders moved to South Africa from London and multiple Seattle Coffee Company locations started to get opened. The company still isn’t owned by any other company and has remained a family-owned business since the beginning of its history. According to the company website, Seattle Coffee Company puts emphasis on sustainability, and thus reduced the use of plastic items and switched to reusable items at all of its locations. Today, there are 200 Seattle Coffee Company locations in South Africa. The vast majority of these coffee shops are located in Cape Town.

Seattle Coffee Company Application

Job Positions

  • Barista
  • Manager

Job Descriptions


Your job will be standing behind the front counter at the Seattle Coffee Company location and preparing the beverages ordered by customers. There are no required qualifications that applicants must have when applying for a job at this coffee chain. The company trains all newly hired personnel intensively. Even though you know nothing about how to prepare beverages, you will be an expert barista after you complete the company’s training program. Unfortunately, there aren’t any part-time jobs offered by Seattle Coffee Company. If you want to work here as a barista, you only have the option of full-time employment.

How To Apply

There isn’t any online application option for a job at Seattle Coffee Company. Instead of submitting an online application, job seekers should send their CVs to the mail address written on the official website of Seattle Coffee Company. When you send your CV via email, you should also write your name and mention the location(s) where you would like to work at. After you send the job inquiry, you will be contacted by someone from the company within a few days.

Job Application Form PDF

Seattle Coffee Company doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the internet that job seekers can use when applying for a job in person.

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