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Welcome to our comprehensive guide about building a career at Rooms To Go. As a renowned furniture store company, working at Rooms To Go presents a multitude of opportunities for growth, development, and creativity. This guide offers a wealth of information on everything from job applications and interview processes to minimum hiring age and frequently asked questions. Tune in to learn more about what it entails to become part of the Rooms To Go family.

Rooms To Go Jobs

Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go (RTG) offers an array of job positions including Sales Associates, Warehouse Associates, Customer Service Representatives, and Store Managers among others. The company strives to provide a supportive work environment that offers adequate training and well-structured career development pathways.

Whether you are drawn by the dynamism of sales, or prefer to work behind the scenes in warehouse operations or customer service, RTG may just have the perfect fit for you.

Moreover, RTG also provides corporate level opportunities in fields such as IT, Finance, HR, and Procurement. The company values diversity and is committed to equal opportunity employment.

Rooms To Go Job Application Process

The job application process at Rooms To Go is quite straightforward with an online portal for ease of application. Applicants are required to create an account where they provide their personal details and upload their professional credentials.

Once your application is submitted, HR team thoroughly reviews it. If your skills and experiences align with the job requirements, you may be contacted for further steps which can include an interview or assessments.

Communication is mainly done via email. Therefore, be sure to regularly check your inbox incase of any correspondence.

How to Apply Online at Rooms To Go

To apply at Rooms To Go, candidates are required to visit the company’s career site. After finding a job that matches your skills and interest, click on ‘Apply now’ which will redirect you to the application portal.

In the portal, fill all the believed details accurately and upload any necessary documents. This could be your resume, portfolio or academic certificates. Once done, submit the application and await confirmation.

For some positions, you may be required to complete an online assessment test. Make sure to prepare adequately for this in order to increase your chances of moving to the next step.

Rooms To Go Job Application Form PDF

Some positions at Rooms To Go may require you to fill in a PDF application form. This is mostly applicable for non-managerial roles in Sales, Customer Service, and Warehouse Operations.

The form may require you to fill in personal information, work history, education background and even references. Ensure all details are filled honestly and accurately to avoid disqualification.

Once done, the form can be forwarded via mail or submitted in person at any Rooms To Go store location.

Rooms To Go Interview

At Rooms To Go, the interview process aims to assess the nature, skills and potential of the candidate. The selection process may involve a series of interviews which can be phone, video or in-person interviews.

The interview structure is mostly based on behavioral questions and the candidate’s ability to adapt to different situations. It is advisable to research the company and job specifications before attending the interview.

Present yourself professionally and with confidence. Remember, communication, active listening and problem-solving skills are highly valued in any role.

Rooms To Go Interview Q&A

1. Q: “Why do you want to work at Rooms To Go?”
A: “I appreciate the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and how it values its employees by providing career growth opportunities. I believe this is a conducive environment that will allow me to maximize my skills.”

2. Q: “What skills do you bring to the team?”
A: “Having worked in customer service for several years, I have developed strong communication and problem-solving skills. I also excel in creating a welcoming environment for buyers, which I believe will be valuable to Rooms To Go.”

3. Q: “How do you handle a difficult customer?”
A: “In my experience, the best way to handle a difficult customer is with patience, understanding and assertive communication. I always try to understand the root cause for the dissatisfaction then come up with a practical solution.”

4. Q: “How knowledgeable are you about our products?”
A: “I have done my homework and understand that RTG deals with furniture and home decor products. I have a good understanding of the quality, variety, and the needs they meet in the market.”

5. Q: “Are you flexible with working during weekends and holidays?”
A: “Yes, I understand that retail business demands working beyond normal working hours and I am fully prepared for that.”

Rooms To Go Minimum Hiring Age

The minimum hiring age at Rooms To Go is 18 years. This is due to the nature of the work which may require heavy lifting and selling products which have age restrictions. Furthermore, the store’s hours of operation may not be conducive for minor employees.

However, the company offers youth empowerment programs to offer guidance and mentorship to young people interested in the retail industry.

Additionally, RTG is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and they adhere to all federal labor and employment laws pertaining to minors.

Rooms To Go Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: “What is the work schedule like at Rooms To Go?”
A: “The work schedule at RTG depends on the job role. Sales and warehouse staff may occasionally work on weekends and holidays while corporate staff mostly follows a standard work week.”

2. Q: “What’s the dress code at Rooms To Go?”
A: “The dress code is dependent on the position. Sales associates and managers usually wear formal attire while warehouse staff have uniforms for safety and identification.”

3. Q: “Do they run background checks?”
A: “Yes, Rooms To Go does run background checks on potential employees as part of the hiring process.”

4. Q: “Do they offer employee discounts?”
A: “Yes, employees enjoy significant discounts on all RTG products.”

5. Q: “Do I need prior retail experience to work at RTG?”
A: “While prior experience is beneficial, it is not mandatory. The company provides comprehensive training to all new hires.”

6. Q: “Are there opportunities for career advancement at RTG?”
A: “Absolutely! Rooms To Go is known for rewarding hardworking employees with promotions and opportunities for career growth.”

7. Q: “What’s the company culture like?”
A: “The culture is collaborative, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.”

8. Q: “What perks come with working at Rooms To Go?”
A: “Some of the perks include health insurance, retirement plan, paid time off, and employee discounts.”

9. Q: “How long does it take for RTG to respond to job applications?”
A: “The time frame varies, but they generally respond within 1-2 weeks of application.”

10. Q: “Can I apply at multiple locations?”
A: “Yes, you are allowed to apply to multiple locations or job positions as long as you meet the minimum requirements.”

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