Rebel Sport Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

Rebel Sport Limited is an Australian-based sports clothing and accessories chain operating solely in Australia. There are more than 150 Rebel Sport stores across Australia. Additionally, Rebel Sport Limited has more than 4,500 employees stretching through Australia.

Rebel Sport Application

Job Application Form PDF

Since there is no printable job application form of Rebel Sport on the web, you are advised to apply for a job at this great retailer chain by going to the company’s official career website.

Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of Rebel Sport.
  2. On that page, the list of available jobs is can be seen.
  3. You can customize your search by entering keywords, selecting a location, and selecting the type of work you want to work.
  4. After narrowing down the list, click on a relevant job offer.
  5. After clicking on a job offer, you can read through the job description, opportunities, requirements, and other things related to the job.
  6. If the job offer sounds good to you, press the button at the beginning of the page that says “Apply for this job”.
  7. You can apply via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, your resume, or by entering your e-mail address.

Job Positions

Rebel Sport offers a lot of job and career opportunities for people who seek employment in Australia. It is also possible for job seekers without any working experience in their lives to apply to Rebel Sport and be hired at Rebel Sport. For those job seekers, Rebel Sport provides basic and entry-level positions, which can help new employees to gain experience and launch off their careers in Rebel Sport.

The most common basic and entry-level position at Rebel Sport is the team member position. As a team member at Rebel Sport, your daily tasks will consist of fulfilling the needs of the customers inside the store, stocking the shelves, providing a hygienic and safe workplace, and other types of store duties.

Job Descriptions

Retail Team Member

You will be expected to provide an in-store experience that inspires and empowers the customers of Rebel. You should engage with customers by sharing your product knowledge and experience. You will also be responsible for tasks such as receipting, replenishing and merchandising. You should keep up to date with current and new products sold at the Rebel store. The Clothing Retail Team Member position doesn’t require the applicant to have any previous related work experience (although it would be a big plus).

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