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Officeworks is an Australian retail chain that is specialised in selling office supplies. The first Officeworks store was opened in 1997. Today, there are over 165 Officeworks stores in Australia. About 8,000 employees are currently working at Officeworks stores. The parent company of Officeworks is Wesfarmers, which is a leading retail store operator in Australia.

Officeworks Application

How do I apply for a job at Officeworks?

Either you can go to a store location and submit an in-store application, or you can go to the Officeworks career website and submit an online application for a job. If you prefer the latter, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Go to the career website of Officeworks.
  2. You can search for jobs by keywords or location using the toolbar on the page. Click “Search Jobs” to see results.
  3. You will see the list of current job openings under the search toolbar.
  4. Click a job title to read the job description of that position.
  5. After you read the job description, you can initiate your online application by clicking the “Apply now” button on the new page.
  6. You need to register and then login to your account to reach the online job application form page. All you need to do then will be to fill out the form and submit it to Officeworks.

Officeworks Job Vacancies

The format of Officeworks is similar to that of Office Depot, which is a large office supplies store based in the United States. The job positions at Office Depot are similar to that of Office Depot as well.

Team Member: This is the most common entry-level position at an Officeworks store. You will work at the technology, stationery, furniture, registers and/or receiving section at an Officeworks store location. Your role will involve working together with the rest of the store team to deliver great customer service. Throughout your shift, you should deliver expert advice to customers in the broad range of products and services that are sold by Officeworks. During your shifts, you should also maintain product availability on the sales floor and make sure that all products are presented well for customers.

Officeworks Job Application Form PDF

Officeworks doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the internet for job seekers who would like to apply for a job at Officeworks in person. You can still contact a store manager or submit an online application to Officeworks.

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