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Marc’s Stores is a regional American discount drugstore and grocery store chain. It is operating only in northern and central Ohio. The company was founded in 1979 in Middleburg Heights, Ohio by March Glassman. Today, there are 60 Marc’s stores, of which 50 have a pharmacy department. In addition to pharmacy products, Marc’s stores offer clothing, cosmetics, housewares, toys, tools and pet products. Marc’s is also a great provider of seasonal products such as Christmas and Halloween products. It is not uncommon at Marc’s that there are large and crowded hiring events a couple of weeks before Christmas and Halloween each year. About 7,000 employees are currently working at Marc’s stores.

Marc's Application Online

Marc’s Job Application Form PDF

There is no printable job application form of Marc’s, so you are encouraged to make an online application to Marc’s, the current retail leader in northern Ohio.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Marc’s How To Apply Online

You can either apply for a job at Marc’s online or in person. You can submit an online application for a job at Marc’s on the official company career website of Marc’s. You can also apply online to Marc’s via online job application platforms such as Glassdoor or others. If you prefer to apply for in-store instead, you should spend some more time and go to a Marc’s store in person, find a manager, and make an employment inquiry. The manager will guide you afterward.

Marc’s Job Positions

  • Cashier
  • Customer service
  • Overnight stocker
  • General stock clerk
  • Warehouse clerk
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Store manager

Marc’s Careers

Great news for people living in Ohio! The greatest grocery store chain of Ohio is looking for new partners to work with. Providing healthy products at discounted prices, Marc’s is proof that businesses can grow by selling products at low prices. As the company pays attention to the budget of customers, it supports the budget of its employees too, by paying them fair wages. Join Marc’s and be one of the employees that earn a fine deal of money at this amazing grocery store chain. Don’t miss the seasonal hiring events at Marc’s!

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 7:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 7:00am-7:00pm.

Marc’s Job Positions & Salaries

Cashier: You will operate cash registers and assist customers with problems or concerns. You will greet the customers, bag their items properly and say a warm “Goodbye!” as they leave the store. You will contribute to the process of establishing customer loyalty at Marc’s. You will also ensure general safety within the store.

Prerequisite: None.

Pharmacy Technician: You will provide customer service at the Pharmacy section of the store. You will be a part of a dynamic team, so you should be self-motivated. You will provide accurate products to customers, according to prescriptions.

Prerequisite: Undefined.

Store Manager: You will be responsible for all the operations that are going on at the store. You will create a wonderful employee team at the store by hiring, training and supervising them when necessary. You will provide a safe and friendly store environment for everybody, so it will be a pleasure to shop at Marc’s.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: Grocery, drug store or retail management experience.

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