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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), is an American fast-food restaurant chain. It is the most popular fast-food chain that is specialized in fried chicken. KFC is one of the greatest fast-food chains of all time, and thus attracts plenty of job seekers who want to work as entry-level restaurant employees. Today, KFC has more than 22,000 restaurant locations all over the world.

KFC Job Application Form

Job Positions

Typically, high school students who want to work part-time, young adults who seek a second part-time job and adults with a low level of education apply for a Crew Member job at KFC restaurants. Higher-level job positions at KFC are Shift Supervisor, Restaurant Assistant Manager, and Restaurant General Manager.

Job Descriptions

In case you do not have any degree or working experience but need a quick job, then you can consider applying for KFC. The company is looking for new employees for its restaurants all the time. The good news is most of these positions are suitable for people without a degree or working experience. If you are determined to work and support yourself, you can pick one of the following jobs.


You can apply for the cashier position, where you are going to work behind the desk. Your main duty is greeting the customers and taking their orders. You will also handle the cash and make sure that you take the right orders. Cashiers need to stay in touch with the kitchen staff and make the necessary preparations before they cook the food. Moreover, you will be responsible for the cleanliness and sanitation of your desk and its surroundings.

Crew Member

You can also apply for the team member position at the KFC company. As a crew member, you are going to be responsible for the continuity of the operations. You will work in the kitchen, assist the cashiers, and clean the restaurant. In general, as a crew member, you need to be ready to complete any assignment that will be given to you by your supervisor.

Job Application Form PDF

There is also a printable job application form, which you can use in order to make a job application directly to a restaurant. Odds will be in your favor if you apply for the job in a specific KFC restaurant with a printout of the form.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

How To Apply Online

Here are the essential steps in order to make an online application to KFC:

  1. Go to the career website of KFC.
  2. Type into the search bar the job title that you want to apply for, and your location.
  3. Press “Submit”.
  4. You will be provided with relevant results according to your search.
  5. Press on the best job opportunity.
  6. Press “Apply Now” to proceed with your job application.

Job Listings

Source URL
Indeed https://www.indeed.com/cmp/KFC/jobs


If you like delicious fried food, especially chicken, working at a KFC restaurant may just be the right thing for you! In the age of globalization, global companies such as KFC are more successful than ever, and a job at KFC is probably a secure job that you are searching for. As being a part of this success of the company, if you work well, you can get promoted and consequently advance in your career in the future. You will fulfill many of your needs once you start working in KFC.

KFC is one of the most well-known fast-food chains in the world. You can find a KFC restaurant in almost every location you visit in the world. This success of the company stems from both the high-quality customer service that KFC provides and having happy employees that do their jobs willingly. Your needs in life will be fulfilled once you start working at this successful company.


You will be called within a week (mostly in 1 or 2 days) after you submit your application at KFC. You will be called for an in-person interview. The interview process is nice, fast and comfortable. Just a few questions about the applicants’ skills are asked. Previous employment history is also asked. A drug test is not required from the job applicants. Also, a background check is made only for management positions. If you be friendly, honest, relaxed, and show that you are willing to work, you can be pretty confident to get the job.

Employee Benefits

The benefits KFC offers to its team members and managers include a 25% employee discount on food. Also, team members are provided with a free meal every shift. There is no medical insurance for KFC team members, contrary to managers. After one year of employment, employees can start enjoying paid vacations, however, there is usually no paid leave for most of the employees. Some bonuses, stock options and a 401k retirement plan are also offered to KFC employees. Furthermore, KFC offers its entry-level employees a development program to facilitate promotions to management positions.

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