Jersey Mike’s Subs Application Online & PDF 2023

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s Subs is an American restaurant chain that is specialized in making submarine sandwiches. Jersey Mike’s Subs offers its customers delicious quick-serve and fresh “hoagies”. Turkey and provolone sandwiches are the most popular sandwiches ordered at Jersey Mike’s. Sandwiches sold at Jersey Mike’s Subs are slightly more expensive than similar sandwich companies in the business.

Today, there are over 1,500 Jersey Mike’s locations in the United States. Also, very few locations are operating in Australia and in Canada.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Application

Jersey Mike’s Subs Job Application Form PDF

Unfortunately, there is no printable job application form of Jersey Mike’s Subs on the web. You need to go to the official career website of Jersey Mike’s Subs to make an online application. Best of luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Jersey Mike’s Subs How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the official career website of Jersey Mike’s Subs.
  2. Click the button, on which “I understand and acknowledge the paragraph above. Start here” is written.
  3. Enter a city, state, or zip code. Then, select the matching result to load locations.
  4. You will then see a list of restaurant locations and a map next to the list. You can use up and down arrows to navigate results.
  5. Click the “Select” button corresponding to a restaurant on the list.
  6. On the short online application form, write your full name, email address, telephone number, and message. The message should include the fact that you want to work at Jersey Mike’s Subs.
  7. Finally, click the “Send to Store” button to submit the job inquiry to the selected Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurant location.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Job Positions

  • Crew Member
  • Sub Sandwich Artist
  • Shift Leader
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager

Jersey Mike’s Subs Job Descriptions

Crew Member

You will have customer service and food preparation duties in this entry-level job position. You will greet guests with a smile as they enter the restaurant and take their orders. You may need to answer questions of guests about the menu items, so being knowledgeable about the menu items is essential for a Crew Member. When the food is ready, you will serve food and drinks to the tables of guests. You will also take the payments from customers through the POS system or at the cash registers. You will also be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of tables, floors, and restrooms.

If you are not much into social interactions, you can work as a cook in the kitchen area of the restaurant. You will prepare food by using kitchen equipment according to the safety guidelines.

Team Member

The team member position at Jersey Mike’s Subs is looking for both part-time and full-time employees. You will have a chance to work in the restaurants of this successful company and be responsible for the daily operations. You need to be a good fit for the company’s culture and get on well with your teammates.

You will be engaging in all kinds of daily tasks including taking care of the customers to ensuring the cleanliness of the restaurant. This also includes the preparation of food and beverages accurately and timely. Moreover, your supervisor may also assign you different tasks throughout the day, which you need to undertake and complete.

Shift Leader

The shift leader position at Jersey Mike’s Subs may be a good opportunity to earn some hands-on experience in managerial positions. You are going to greet customers, record the orders and serve beverages and food. Basically, you will keep working as a team member but you will have more responsibilities.

You will be responsible for organizing your team and be the contact person in case of customers would like to talk to authorities. As you might guess, you need to be a role model to your teammates, complete your tasks on time and train new employees. You will also resolve any interpersonal issues when needed.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Careers

Think about your favorite ingredient in a sandwich. Remember this feeling. What happens when you imagine yourself in this company may be exactly the same. Without you, Jersey Mike’s Subs would miss a crucial ingredient. You will have a significant role in the purpose of serving the best sandwiches in the country at Jersey Mike’s Subs. Apply today, and be the complementing piece of the restaurant!

Jersey Mike’s Subs Interview

If you have worries about the interview process of Jersey Mike’s Subs, they are totally useless. The interview process is an informal process, in which the restaurant manager will be interviewing you. In general, the process takes place in a comfortable and friendly manner. You may be called by phone for a quick interview and then invited to the in-person interview.

In general, we can say that you are going to enjoy a smooth recruitment process. Make sure that you provide honest answers to the questions and pay attention to your looks while going to the interview. Also, wear appropriate clothes. You have no chance but to get hired!

Jersey Mike’s Subs Employee Benefits

Some benefits are offered to employees of Jersey Mike’s Subs such as health benefits, free lunches, and flexible schedules. Some bonus pay and an employee discount on food are also offered to restaurant employees. It is often reported that there is no paid time off, insurance, or retirement plans for employees of Jersey Mike’s Subs.

In addition, there is free food every 4 hours at the restaurant for employees on their shift. The benefits and perks may vary from restaurant to restaurant, so we recommend that you contact your local Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurant management if you want to learn the benefits you will be offered at that particular restaurant location.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Training

Jersey Mike’s hosted a training session for every single employee across its entire system with a focus on operational execution. The 63-year-old sandwich chain has always given importance to training, but it’s never held a simultaneous session like this before. With more than 20,000 team members at 1,600 locations across the country participating, this inaugural “Brand Promise Day” was certainly no small undertaking. The objective was simple, the company is honing employees’ skills to improve every single outcome.

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