Homeland Food Stores Application Online & PDF 2022

Operating only in the United States, Homeland Food Stores is an American supermarket chain. The foundation of the Homeland Food Stores goes as back as 1916 in Sayre, Oklahoma. Based in Oklahoma City, it is estimated that, as of 2019, there are more than 70 stores of Homeland Food Stores in the United States. The stores are located in the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, and Texas. In addition to that, approximately, Homeland Food Stores employs more than 3,000 actively working people.

Homeland Food Stores Application Online

Homeland Food Stores Jobs and Careers

Several job positions that are typical of grocery stores are available at Homeland Food Stores. Among these jobs; food clerk, deli associate, produce clerk, meat cutter, cake decorator, courtesy clerk, and stocker are included. These jobs would be a great fit for young and inexperienced job seekers who would like to start working in a supermarket. At Homeland Food Stores, there are department assistant manager and general store manager positions as well. In contrast to the aforementioned jobs, manager positions are suitable for experienced professionals.

How do I apply for a job at Homeland Food Stores?

  1. Go to the career website of Homeland Food Stores.
  2. There, you can see the list of available positions offered by Homeland Food Stores. To exclude some of the job offers, you can enter the job title you want to apply to or use other parameters on the page.
  3. Select a hiring position at Homeland Food Stores.
  4. On the offer’s page, detailed information about the role can be seen. You can read it to be certain about the role you will be applying to.
  5. To apply for this role, fill in the job application form on the right side of the page. After filling in the boxes, click on the button that says “START APPLICATION.”

Homeland Food Stores Job Vacancies

Position Location Apply URL
Food Clerk – Cashier Oklahoma City, OK Apply!
Meat Cutter Pryor, OK Apply!
Dairy Manager Jay, OK Apply!
File Maintenance Clerk Edmond, OK Apply!
Food Clerk (Stocker) Oklahoma City, OK Apply!
Reset Specialist Oklahoma City, OK Apply!
Assistant Store Manager Oklahoma City, OK Apply!
Produce Department Manager Jay, OK Apply!
Variety Manager Oklahoma City, OK Apply!
Assistant Grocery Manager Ponca City, OK Apply!
Produce Clerk Edmond, OK Apply!
Assistant Produce Manager Oklahoma City, OK Apply!
Bakery Clerk Oklahoma City, OK Apply!


Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

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