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Company Info

Fishaways is a fast-food restaurant chain in South Africa that specialises in serving seafood. Hake, calamari and fish are the most common menu items on the menu of Fishaways. Since the beginning of its history, Fishaways has extended steadily. As a result, today there are 200 Fishaways restaurants in South Africa. According to the company website, Fishaways is putting emphasis on producing food locally and in a sustainable way that is environment-friendly. The current owner of the Fishaways brand is Famous Brands, which is the owner of multiple well-known restaurant chains in South Africa including Steers and Wimpy.

Fishaways Application

Job Positions

  • Team member
  • Management jobs

Job Descriptions

Team Member

The most common restaurant position at Fishaways is the team member position. Team members at Fishaways are typically responsible for all the basic operations in the kitchen in addition to customer service and taking orders. Either working in the back-of-the-house (kitchen area) or front-of-the-house (right behind the counter), team members prepare food, cook food, and serve food to customers after they take their orders and collect their payments.

The team member position is an entry-level position, which means that you don’t need to have any qualifications to apply for the job. You can apply for a team member job even if it will be your first job. If the company decides to hire you, you will be trained by the company before you start your actual work.


You will be the leader of the business in your Fishaways restaurant. You will set the tone for the employees at the restaurant, so your performance will be very important for the general success of the restaurant. You should ensure that the standards set by the company are maintained at the restaurant. You will monitor the employees’ performance regularly and train employees when needed.

How To Apply

On the official website of Fishaways, there is no online job application option. Therefore, if you want to start working at Fishaways as a restaurant employee, you should either contact the company via the contact page on the company website, or visit one of the Fishaways restaurants near your home, find a manager, and ask the manager about current job opportunities at the restaurant location. The manager will assist you afterward.

Job Application Form PDF

There is no printable job application form that is provided on the internet by Fishaways. Therefore, you should directly contact a Fishaways restaurant via the company website or by physically going to a restaurant location, if you want to start working at this successful quick-service restaurant chain.

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