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Famous Footwear Job Application Form

Famous Footwear Jobs and Careers

Famous Footwear is a famous American retail store, that specializes in selling branded footwear. Same as typical shoe store chains, the most popular job position at Famous Footwear is Sales Associate. This job position requires no education or experience, and there are part-time and full-time job opportunities for job seekers. For more educated and experienced job seekers, Famous Footwear stores offer the Specialist, Assistant Sales Manager, and Store Sales Manager positions.

Famous Footwear Job Descriptions

Getting a job at Famous Footwear is highly an easy task only if you know which position you should apply for. If you do not have any working experience or degree, do not worry. We have shared some of the best positions you can apply for right now. Here are these job titles and their brief job description you may want to know.

Sales Associate

You can apply for the sales associate position at the company. You will spend most of your time walking or standing during your shift. Sales associates contribute and improve the sales volume of the stores by serving the customers. You need good communication skills and deliver excellent customer service. During your shift, you are going to assist the customers and provide recommendations according to their needs and preferences.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager is the second position at Famous Footwear we can recommend to you. Although you do not need any working experience, you can increase your chances to get hired if you have experience in a similar position. Basically, you have to be a role model to your team and ensure continuous operation in the store. Moreover, your manager can assign you tasks and duties during the day to complete.

Famous Footwear Job Application Form PDF

Unfortunately, there is no printable job application form that Famous Footwear provides for job seekers on the internet. You need to go to the official website of the company and make an online application. As you make your online job application make sure that you provide your personal information, employment history, education level and references as clear as possible. The more professionally you fill out the form, the more likely you will get hired by the company. Best of luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How do I apply for a job at Famous Footwear?

Read the steps below to successfully submit an online application to Famous Footwear.

  1. Go to the career website of Famous Footwear.
  2. On the following page, write down your keywords, and enter your location. Also, on the right of the page, there is a “Filter Results” section. Find “Brand” in that section, and choose “Famous Footwear”.
  3. You can also find results by filtering your desired country, city and category of desired jobs.
  4. When you filter details, you will be provided with the job offerings below.
  5. Click one of the most suited job offerings.
  6. Detailed information about the job position will be provided on a new web page. Read it carefully. If you feel satisfied with the information, click the “Apply Now” button. You can also click “Save Job” next to “Apply Now”, if you want to return to that job position later.
  7. If you click “Apply Now”, a new page will open. Then you have to log in or create a new account if you don’t have one. Then you can finish your online application.


Famous Footwear Hiring

Today, Famous Footwear has over 900 locations all over the United States.


1 Sales Associate Bronx, NY
2 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Waterbury, CT
3 Seasonal Associate – Famous Footwear Glendale, AZ
4 Seasonal Associate – Famous Footwear Barrigada, GU
5 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Lancaster, CA
6 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Dearborn, MI
7 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Clifton, NJ
8 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Fayetteville, GA
9 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Anchorage, AK
10 Assistant Manager – Famous Footwear Waterbury, CT
11 Seasonal Associate – Famous Footwear Chandler, AZ
12 Seasonal Associate – Famous Footwear Colorado Springs, CO
13 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Norfolk, VA
14 Seasonal Associate – Famous Footwear Orlando, FL
15 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Longview, TX
16 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Elizabeth, NJ
17 Seasonal Associate – Famous Footwear Trumbull, CT
18 Seasonal Associate – Famous Footwear Pueblo, CO
19 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Newark, DE
20 Part-Time Sales Associate – Famous Footwear Yuma, AZ


Work at Famous Footwear

Have you ever wondered why is this company called Famous Footwear? Famous, because this company is a group that gives free shipping to every member without a minimum and it honors the purchases with reward cash. The attitude towards its customers lies in the name of the brand. Famous Footwear has a good reputation among customers, because it sells products cheaper than the manufacturers’ suggested prices. Now imagine how the company treats its employees. Join Famous Footwear today, and start feeling like you’re famous.

Famous Footwear Interview

After you apply for a job at Famous Footwear, you will first get a phone or video interview. Then if they really like you, they will call you for a store interview. Usually, this whole process doesn’t take more than 2 weeks.  During the interview, the manager asks some questions regarding the reason you want to work at Famous Footwear, the reason they should hire you, your interests and inspirations, your strengths, and your career goals in no more than 10 years. Famous Footwear stores are great places to learn new information and gain valuable experience for your future career.

Famous Footwear Employee Benefits

Employees working at different job positions at Famous Footwear are offered different benefits packages. Sales associate benefits only include a flexible schedule and a 30% discount on shoes.

Assistant store managers are offered a company-funded retirement plan, medical, dental and vision coverage, paid time off and holidays, and a 30% discount on shoes.

A few more benefits are offered to Famous Footwear employees at higher-level management job positions. Please note that the benefits package also varies by employment type (part-time or full-time positions).


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