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Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee is an American drive-through coffee chain that is operating mostly in the Western United States. Dutch Bros Coffee is the largest drive-through coffee chain in the country. Today, there are over 300 Dutch Bros locations in 7 states. About 9,000 employees are currently working at these locations. While most of the locations are drive-through, a few walk-in restaurants.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Application Online

Dutch Bros. Coffee Job Application Form PDF

Down below, you can find the link to the printable job application form of Dutch Bros. Click on the link, print the document, fill it and hand-deliver it to a Dutch Bros location.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

Dutch Bros. Coffee Job Positions

As a successful regional coffee shop chain, Dutch Bros Coffee is one of the first destinations for job seekers who would like to get a part-time job in an energetic environment. Although many employees at Dutch Bros Coffee locations work part-time, there are of course full-time employees, too. The most popular entry-level job positions at Dutch Bros Coffee are the Barista and Cashier positions. A Barista at Dutch Bros Coffee is called Broista.

A nice attitude and well manners are generally sufficient for applicants to be accepted by Dutch Bros Coffee. On the other hand, head office jobs and store management jobs such as financial analyst, manager, and accounts receivable require the candidates to have extensive knowledge related to the position that is applied for.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Job Descriptions

You may want to consider applying for job openings at Dutch Bros. Coffee to get a quick job. This is especially true if you have no degree or working experience. Thanks to some jobs in this great company, you can start making money as soon as possible. Below, you can find two of these positions and the job descriptions we have compiled for you.


In this amazing company, position names are also fun. The first job we can recommend is broista. As you can guess, it refers to the barista profession. You can get this job and serve the customers of the store. You will be responsible for preparing the orders of the customers. In addition to this, you need good communication skills to ensure customer satisfaction and experience.


Another entry-level job that you can consider is cashier. You are going to work behind your desk during the day and help customers to check out. Cashiers must be in communication with baristas to make sure that the orders will be prepared accurately. You need to follow the rules of the company during the checkouts and recommend products to customers who are unsure about what to order. Besides these, you will be responsible for the cleanliness of your working space and desk.

Dutch Bros. Coffee How To Apply Online

On the official employment website of Dutch Bros Coffee. It is written that you need to fill in the job application form and deliver it to a Dutch Bros location in hand alongside your resume because each location is owned and managed by independent businesspeople. You can find the link to the application form both on the official website or below on our website.

Since online applications can’t be submitted to Dutch Bros Coffee, you should apply to Dutch Bros Coffee for a job in person. You can easily apply for a job in-store if you visit one of the Dutch. Bros Coffee locations around your neighborhood. Make sure that you fill out the application form template provided above on this web page and bring it with you when you apply. Once you enter your local Dutch Bros. Coffee, ask the team members where you can find a manager. They will send you to the manager if they are available at the moment. Then, tell the manager gently that you want to apply for a job. You can expect to be helped.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Careers

Being chosen as one of the greatest “small” companies in the United States in 2017, Dutch Bros Coffee is providing great job opportunities to people who want to be entry-level employees for a while. Dutch Bros has established a large store network in the West, and you will be welcomed to be a part of this extensive company as a new employee. Fill in the application form of Dutch Bros today, and expect to enjoy serving the tastiest coffee in the West.

All Dutch Bros Coffee locations are operated independently, thus all locations may apply their own hiring processes. If you want to apply for a job at Dutch Bros Coffee, you are encouraged to visit a local shop and ask the management for employment information. Job seekers who are able to work in a timely and positive manner will have an advantage in getting hired at Dutch Bros Coffee. Once you submit an application at a local Dutch Bros Coffee shop, the application will be reviewed by the local management, and you will be informed if you get to be accepted for the job position. The duration of the review of your application may vary.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Interview

Dutch Bros. Coffee interviews take place in the stores. So, the interview process may vary depending on what store you will be invited to. However, considering the feedback of the candidates, all interviews take place in a friendly environment. Most candidates feel quite comfortable on the internet.

They also ask totally random questions but most of them are intended to know you better. If you will pay attention to your look and hygiene and look like you really want to get the job, you will get it. You may have to talk about your hobbies or personal interests during the interview as well.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Employee Benefits

Dutch Bros. Coffee offers its employees some benefits such as flexible working hours and some paid time off. Dutch Bros Coffee employees can get free drinks during work hours. Also, there is no dress code for Dutch Bros Coffee employees, to encourage authenticity.

  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Paid Time Off
  • Free Drinks During Work Hours
  • No Dress Code

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