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Welcome to our informative blog post that brings you up close and personal with an influential company known as Clicks. Founded in 1968, Clicks is a leading South African retail chain focusing on healthcare, beauty, and lifestyle products. With over 800 stores across the nation, the company continually offers numerous job opportunities suiting various skill levels and experiences. This post will delve into crucial aspects such as the types of jobs at Clicks, the application process, online application tips, to the interview process, and frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

Clicks Jobs

Clicks Application

At Clicks, there’s a myriad of job opportunities in diverse positions like store management, pharmacy, finance, IT, logistics, human resources, and marketing. The diversity of roles implies that there is a place for almost everyone, from high school leavers, college graduates to experienced professionals.

The career progression at Clicks is also impressive. The company encourages the career development of its employees, offering a supportive working environment and training opportunities.

Job seekers can find available vacancies posted on the Clicks official website or registered job recruitment sites. Various positions have different job requirements, so it is important to carefully read through before applying.

Clicks Job Application Process

Application to Clicks involves an online process. Applicants are required to visit the official Clicks website and navigate to the ‘Careers’ section. Upon clicking on a job that interests them, they can view the job details and requirements.

Applicants then fill up the application form by providing the necessary personal and professional details. The next step involves uploading their most recent CV and any relevant supporting documents.

After a successful application, eligible candidates will be contacted by the company’s recruitment team for the next stage, which could be assessments or interviews.

How to Apply Online at Clicks

The online application at Clicks is straightforward. Applicants can visit the Clicks website and go to the ‘Careers’ section. There, they will find a list of all current job vacancies. They can then select the job that fits their qualifications and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

Applicants will be directed to create an online profile, where they will provide personal, educational and professional details. Once the profile is created, the application can be submitted. The response time varies based on the job’s nature and number of applicants.

Candidates are advised to frequently check their emails as Clicks may send any relevant updates regarding the job application process through the email address provided during registration.

Clicks Job Application Form PDF

Clicks currently does not provide a PDF version of their job application form. They prefer online job applications through their website. This is intended to streamline the hiring process and make it easy for both the applicants and the recruitment team to track the application process.

However, for some positions in certain situations, applicants might be asked to fill up a physical application form, especially for walk-in interviews.

This does not exclude the need for providing accurate and updated information on their qualifications and job experiences when applying.

Clicks Interview

The interview process at Clicks varies depending on the job role. The interviews are usually led by the department’s hiring managers. Minimum preparation involves understanding the company’s culture and the specific job role applied for.

Multistage interviews are common for senior-level positions, with initial screening interviews done through telephone or virtually. The final interviews are usually face-to-face.

General topics discussed during the interviews range from personal attributes to work experience, technical skills, core values, and how one can contribute to the company’s success.

Clicks (South Africa) Interview Questions & Answers 2024

Clicks Interview Q&A

1. Question: Can you describe a situation at your past job where you went above and beyond?
Answer: At my previous job, I noticed a backlog in order processing, which led to customer complaints. I volunteered to work overtime to clear the backlog and implemented a new tracking system to prevent such an occurrence in the future.

2. Question: How do you handle stress and pressure at the workplace?
Answer: I handle stress by prioritizing my tasks based on their urgency and importance. Furthermore, I ensure that I maintain a work-life balance by taking short breaks when necessary.

3. Question: Why do you want to work for Clicks?
Answer: I am impressed by Clicks’ commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its customers. I believe that working for such an organization will give me the opportunity to contribute to its goals while developing my career.

4. Question: How can you contribute to Clicks’ goal of creating a healthier society?
Answer: With my background in health education, I am well-equipped to provide valuable information and assistance to customers seeking health and wellness products.

5. Question: What experience do you have with customer service?
Answer: In my previous role, I interacted directly with customers, addressing their concerns and providing resolutions. This experience has equipped me with effective communication and negotiation skills essential in a customer service role.

Clicks Minimum Hiring Age

The minimum age required to work at Clicks is 18 years. This is a typical practice with most companies and is primarily due to labor regulations. However, there may be exceptions for internships or part-time job roles for younger individuals.

Regardless of the age, every candidate is expected to have the necessary skills, qualifications, and passion for the role they are applying for.

Age is not a barrier at Clicks as the company values diversity and inclusivity, always aiming to have employees of varying experiences and backgrounds in their team.

Clicks Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: What are the working hours at Clicks?
    Answer: The working hours at Clicks depend on the job role. Retail staff typically work in shifts, including weekends and holidays, while office-based employees usually work regular business hours.
  2. Question: What benefits does Clicks offer?
    Answer: Clicks offers a competitive benefits package which includes health insurance, retirement benefits, staff discounts, and paid leave depending on the job role and level.
  3. Question: How long does the interview process take at Clicks?
    Answer: The interview process timeline can vary based on the job role and number of applicants. It can take from a week up to a month.
  4. Question: What skills are needed to succeed at Clicks?
    Answer: Key skills include excellent customer service, teamwork, communication skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills. Specialized roles might require specific technical skills.
  5. Question: Does Clicks provide training for new employees?
    Answer: Yes, Clicks offers an induction program and mandatory training for new employees to familiarize them with their job roles and the company’s culture and policies.
  6. Question: Is there a dress code at Clicks?
    Answer: Yes, employees are required to dress professionally and appropriately, adopting a neat and tidy appearance. Uniform may be provided for retail staff.
  7. Question: Does Clicks provide opportunities for promotion?
    Answer: Yes, Clicks believes in career growth and often promotes deserving employees based on performance.
  8. Question: How often do employees receive salary increments at Clicks?
    Answer: Salary increments are usually annual, but this can vary based on the company’s performance, the economic climate, and an employee’s performance review.
  9. Question: What is the diversity and inclusion policy at Clicks?
    Answer: Clicks strongly believes in promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce. They are committed to equal opportunities, irrespective of gender, age, race, or disability.
  10. Question: Can I apply for more than one job at Clicks?
    Answer: Yes, you can apply for multiple positions that match your qualifications and interests.

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