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Amazon is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. The company was founded in 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, United States. It is considered as one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. The technology giant Amazon employs about 1 million people at the present day. Amazon also has retailers across the country including Whole Foods Market or Amazon Books.

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Headquarters Seattle, Washington, ABD
Revenue 386,1 billon USD
Employees 1,298,000+
Industry Cloud computing e-commerce artificial intelligence consumer electronics entertainment digital distribution self-driving cars

Amazon Application Online

Amazon Jobs and Careers

Amazon is a great place for people who love innovating, building, and inventing on behalf of customers. The Amazon team is committed to sustaining all children and young adults, especially those from underrepresented and underserved communities who reside in areas where Amazon has a physical presence, has the resources and skills they need to build their best and brightest futures. Be a part of this wonderful team by making an online job application today at Amazon!

How do I apply for a job at Amazon?

Instead of applying for a job online, you can visit an Amazon warehouse if you want to start working at Amazon. When you enter the location, ask the management for employment information. By applying for a job this way, you can increase your chance of being hired. Usually, in-person job applicants are valued more by the hiring managers than online job applicants.

Below, you can see how you can apply online for a job at Amazon.

  1. Go to Amazon’s official career website.
  2. Search for jobs by job title, keyword or location. Then click the magnifying glass image to search.
  3. You will be provided with a list of current job openings at Amazon.
  4. You can filter by, job type, job category, cities or business category by using the section at the left of the page.
  5. Click the job title when you find an appealing job position on the list.
  6. Read the job description.
  7. If the job seems interesting to you, click “Apply Now” at the top right of the page.

Amazon Job Vacancies & Opportunities

As one of the largest employers both in the US and in the whole world, Amazon offers a high number of different job positions to job seekers. At Amazon locations across the US, there are plenty of job opportunities both for inexperienced and experienced job seekers. Common job positions at Amazon include but are not limited to delivery driver, warehouse/shopper team member, treasure truck driver, campus associate, pickup associate, customer service associate, inbound dock, water spider, stower, counter, picker, packer, outbound dock, and many more. Some examples of more advanced job positions at Amazon are delivery station liaison and technical support associate. In addition to all of these job positions, there are also a high number of management jobs at Amazon warehouses, distribution centers, etc.

Position Name Location Apply Button
Buyer Darlington, England, United Kingdom Apply Online
Buyer Bolton, England, United Kingdom Apply Online
Buyer Darlington, England, United Kingdom Apply Online
Buying Assistant Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates Apply Online
Assistant Buyer New York, NY Apply Online
Buying Assistant Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates Apply Online
Buyer Daventry, England, United Kingdom Apply Online
Buyer Guide Post, England, United Kingdom Apply Online
Executive Assistant Seattle, WA Apply Online
Material Buyer Tokyo, Japan Apply Online
Category Manager – Beauty Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Apply Online
HR Assistant Harlow, England, United Kingdom Apply Online
Operations Supervisor Abha, Asir District, Saudi Arabia Apply Online

Minimum Age to Work: 18

Hours of Operation: Always operating.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Delivery Driver: You will deliver packages to homes, retail locations, and other delivery locations. You will deliver packages and smile to Amazon customers every day. You should ensure the delivery vehicle is clean, fueled, and in good operating condition at all times. You will earn $16.00/hour.

Prerequisite: 21 years of age. Driver’s license. High school diploma.

Warehouse Team Member: You will pack orders that are destined to be delivered to customers’ doors. You will work at Amazon Fresh Warehouses, Prime Pantry Warehouses or Prime Now Warehouses. You will earn $17.25/hour.

Prerequisite: None.

Treasure Truck Driver: You will hand-pick the favorite new, trending, local, or delicious items, load them up, then cruise around the town, distributing the products. You will earn $15.00/hour.

Prerequisite: 21 years of age. Driver’s license. High school diploma or equivalent.

Campus Associate: You will receive, pick and random stow packages. You will assist customers and solve problems such as missing/damaged packages. You should maintain a clean and organized workspace. You will earn $16.45/hour.

­Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent.

Amazon Employee Benefits

Amazon Warehouse employees receive a benefits package that includes medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage, a 401(k) savings plan, paid time off, holiday overtime pay, and resources to help improve employees’ overall well-being. Health benefits include Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Accounts. Also, Amazon offers company-paid short-term and long-term disability, basic life and accidental death & dismemberment insurance for employees and their dependents. Moreover, Amazon supports its employees through an Employee Assistance Program, financial counseling, and online resources for parents of children with disabilities. Additional benefits and perks such as adoption assistance, maternity and parental leave, paid/unpaid time off, and a 1,5x hourly rate of pay during six recognized holidays through a calendar year are provided to Amazon employees as well. Also, Amazon employees can enjoy an employee discount when they buy items on

Amazon Job Application Form PDF

The printable job application form of Amazon is not present on the internet. We recommend that you visit Amazon’s official career website and apply for a job online.

Which states have an Amazon warehouse?

Almost 30 US states currently have an Amazon warehouse. You can find the most recent job opportunities at Amazon by visiting the official company website of Amazon.

Amazon Employment Tips & Additional Info

The work hours of a full-time Amazon warehouse worker are between 10-12 hours and that of part-time warehouse workers are 4-5 hours.

Your work rate is important at Amazon warehouses. For each warehouse job position, there is an expected work rate set by the company. For example, stowers should stow 300-400 boxes per hour. Workers with a decent or high stow rate are more likely to be promoted to another job position upon request. For each job position, every week, the average work amount of all workers is measured by the manager, and if your work speed is above the average, you may be promoted as previously stated. If you are bored after 3-4 weeks in the same job position, you can ask the manager if you can be trained to work in a similar but different job position. This creates more dynamism and can actually be motivating for employees.

Although some aspects such as the high expected work rate seem demanding, the managers at the warehouse centers are appreciative and coworkers are helpful, according to the self-reports of previous and current Amazon warehouse workers.

Amazon is hiring 2,800 employees per day in all of its locations in the US. The hiring process very fast. When you successfully apply for a job at an Amazon warehouse, you start to work in as little as 1 week. The background check is very fast, and there is no interview. Just, you must be at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the United States. Applicants should also undergo a drug test before starting. Older people can also work at an Amazon warehouse. In the warehouses, there are usually people of all ages. Moreover, even applicants who don’t speak English well can be hired in some regions, if they are eligible to work in the United States.

The minimum pay rate of an Amazon warehouse worker is $15 per hour, which is more than two times the minimum wage in some US states. Because no education is needed to start working at an Amazon warehouse, a job at Amazon is one of the highest paying jobs in the market for people with a low level of education. There are also some small but significant additions to this hourly wage. For example, if your shift is 12 hours long, you get $2.90 for each hour that you work. With this kind of extra pay, your hourly earnings can rise up to $20 per hour.

Some aspects of working at an Amazon warehouse can be physically demanding. One of the most common issues is that employees’ feet hurt after long shifts since they work on foot for long hours. Sitting while working is not allowed for many entry-level warehouse job positions including stower and picker positions. Therefore, you are advised to be mentally prepared before working. It is also recommended that you buy a pair of comfortable shoes before starting to work at Amazon, because you may need them during the long shifts.

There is a rating system at Amazon warehouses, at which you get too many negative points because you didn’t comply with the company policies of Amazon, you may lose your job or at least there will be some penalty. However, these negative points are deleted after you comply with all Amazon policies and standards for the next 90 days. Also, every time you work for 24 hours, you get 1 hour of paid time off, and you can use these hours to delete the negative points that you got before.

At an Amazon warehouse, you can actually clock in early and clock out late, and you get paid for these extra hours that you worked. The overtime rate of pay is 1.25 times the normal rate of pay, and you can work up to 60 hours per week at an Amazon warehouse.

A full-time job at Amazon can be taxing to your body because of all the time you should be standing on your feet. Therefore, employees usually work at an Amazon warehouse for 6 months, and then take a break. Many employees apply for a job again in a warehouse after a break.

Once you are hired, there is a paid training session that lasts for 3 hours during your first day. Then, you work some additional hours and go home. It is advised that you bring your own food and drinks with you to work because eating them in the breaks can motivate you to work better. It is not allowed to use a phone nor listen to music with earphones during work. Talking to your co-workers during breaks also can be motivating.

A common stereotype that is held by people who have not ever worked at Amazon is that working at Amazon is “modern-day slavery”. However, most of the warehouse employees do not agree. The self-reports of many Amazon warehouse employees are contrary to this stereotype. Instead, they state that working at Amazon pays pretty well and is far from being “modern-day slavery”.

Amazon offers some nice benefits to its employees as well. When you work 30 or more hours per week, you are classified as a full-time worker. Amazon provides you medical, dental, and vision insurance. Once you work for a year (you must complete 1,000 hours) you can get up to 95% of your tuition and fees cost coverage OR up to $12,000 coverage for those costs. If you are a part-time employee, this amount is instead up to $6,000. There is also an employee discount on the online store of Amazon up to $10,000. After you work at Amazon full-time for 3 years, you are included in the 401(k) retirement plan. Also, after 2 years working as a warehouse employee, you can apply for an Area Manager job position even if you have a low level of education.

If your usual shift coincides with New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you don’t have to come and work, and you will be still paid. But if you come and work, you are paid 1.5 times your standard rate of pay.

Since the employee turnover rate of Amazon is higher than that of many large US companies, Amazon is hiring literally every day. You are recommended to check the current vacancies at an Amazon location on the career website of the company. If you don’t find any vacancies, you are strongly recommended to check the next day. Since positions open and be filled every day, it is very likely that you find a vacancy on the career website in a short time if you check every day.

Amazon warehouses are huge. For example, 800,000 square feet is an average Amazon fulfillment center’s size. In addition to fulfillment centers, there are sortation centers, delivery stations, and fresh warehouses (that are dedicated to food delivery) of Amazon. It has been reported that the restrooms of Amazon are decorated really nicely. A job at an Amazon warehouse will also increase your fitness and help you get into great shape.

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