Yellow Pages Application Online & PDF 2022

Company Info

Yellow Pages is a company in Canada, which has adopted the strategy of digital marketing.

Job Positions

Common entry-level job positions at Yellow Pages are titled Inside Sales Representative and Customer Experience Agent.

Inside Sales Representatives work from their home, so they can be anywhere during their course of employment, as long as they perform their job duties fully. The Customer Experience Agent position is a similar one, and in this position, employees also work from home. These two positions are suitable for employees who don’t have many qualifications.

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are also higher-level job positions such as Analyst, Planner, etc at Yellow Pages.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of Yellow Pages.
  2. Find the section with the title “WORK AT YELLOW PAGES”.
  3. You have two options according to your skills: You can either click the “Jobs at Yellow Pages” button if you are a highly qualified job candidate. In contrast, if you are new to the business, you can click “Sales Jobs at Yellow Pages”, which will result in the website not showing you irrelevant higher-level job positions.
  4. You can find job openings and apply online for any of them on the following pages.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

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