Walmart Employment Tips 2021

Walmart Employment Tips

What is it like to work at Walmart?

The most frequently mentioned problem by Walmart employees is that once you are hired at Walmart, almost no training is provided by the company, but the managers expect you to have the knowledge of an experienced employee. Another commonly voiced problem is that the managers can often be mean to entry-level employees. Other than these two issues, employees report having a positive employment experience at Walmart.

You must work on every holiday if you are a Walmart employee. The only exception is Christmas Day. Walmart stores are open every other day throughout the year. Recently, Walmart stopped paying its employees extra holiday pay. At first, this may sound bad, but it should be recognized that the starting wages at Walmart are already pretty high. The single exception for this is Thanksgiving. Everyone who works on Thanksgiving receives a 30% discount coupon.

There is a point system at Walmart. If you have 5 or 6 points, you get fired. It is essential for Walmart that you work on holidays. For this reason, you get 4 points if you don’t come on holiday days. After the busy holiday period, the period between January and March is the least busy one for Walmart stores. Then it goes back to normal. Therefore, they may cut your hours in these months. If you got bills to pay, it would be useful to know this before applying to Walmart for a job. You also have to work on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) because on these days, Walmart stores are very busy as well. Working Sundays can be demanding because it is the busiest day of the week. During busy days, sometimes you need to clean stuff even if you are a sales associate. If you work for a long time at Walmart, you can only then request to have some weekends off. Every Friday, there is an employee meeting in the breakroom, where they give free donuts and talk about business stuff. The breaks are 15 minutes at Walmart for entry-level employees.

There is a protected PTO system at Walmart, where you can request time off by using a digital system. If you are sick and request time off, the system will auto-approve your request. Thus you can stay at home any day you want. If you request time off, the managers should approve it. There is a 10% employee discount card that can be used on non-food products. On holidays, it does work for food too. You get paid bi-weekly on Thursdays, which is different than most of the other retail stores. On your birthday, they might send you a coupon, with which you can buy a bakery or deli product from the store.

The point system at Walmart was already mentioned. If the weather is very bad outside, you don’t get a negative point. However, if you get in trouble three times during work, you get terminated. Entry-level Walmart employees tend to get a raise really rare. But as mentioned before, the initial pay is already pretty good. During work, you are required to wear something plain without any text or images on it.

A job at Walmart will open your eyes if you are looking forward to a retail career because customers of Walmart are from all backgrounds. There are rich customers and there are poor customers. There are rude customers and there are nice customers. You will have the opportunity to interact with people of all ages as well during your employment at Walmart.

Now we hope that you have a comprehensive idea about entry-level jobs at Walmart. You can look at our other article about Walmart that explains everything you need about job applications at Walmart such as the application steps, the list of job positions and definitions of some popular job positions at Walmart, the application form, and more.

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