Victoria’s Secret Application Form Printable PDF

Victoria’s Secret Application Form Printable PDF

Victoria’s Secret Job Application Form

The employment application form of Victoria’s Secret consists of 4 pages.

  • At the upper left part of the page, write the date and at the upper right part of the page, write the position that you are applying for, the schedule you desire, the salary/wage you expect, and the date you will be available to work.
  • Then provide your basic personal information.
  • Next, fill in the table with information about your education.
  • The last section of the first page is about your employment history. Provide all the requested information. If you have ever been discharged or asked to resign from a job, check “Yes” and provide some details of the situation.
  • List your academic and professional activities, achievements, and/or special skills in the first section of the second page.
  • Answer some miscellaneous questions.
  • Provide contact details of a person to contact in case of emergency.
  • Mark your available days and hours in the given schedule.
  • Now, read the following statement carefully.
  • Then, sign and date the form to validate the form.
  • On the third page of the form, you will see the Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure and Authorization and on the fourth page, you will find the Reference Form.
  • After you take a look at all pages of the form and fill it out, you can submit it to Victoria’s Secret.

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