Urban Outfitters Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

Urban Outfitters is an American multinational lifestyle retail chain. It was founded in 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 245 Urban Outfitters stores are present in 16 countries nowadays. Over 16,000 employees are working in these stores. The target audience of Urban Outfitters is young adults.

Job Application Form PDF

Since there is no job application form that you can print and submit to an Urban Outfitters store by your hand, you are encouraged to visit the official Urban Outfitters job application web page and make an online job application. Good luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of Urban Outfitters.
  2. Click the yellow “Explore Careers” button.
  3. In the Career Opportunities panel on the left side of the page, you can search for openings by setting criteria such as keyword, job language, brand, etc. Select “Urban Outfitters” as the brand. Click the blue “Search Jobs” button to see the job listings.
  4. Click a job title when you see a nice position on the list.
  5. Read the text about the role, the brand, the essentials, and the perks. Then click the blue “Apply” button on the same page to initiate your online application for the job.
  6. You need to sign in to reach the online job application form of Urban Outfitters.

Job Positions

  • Sales associate
  • Department supervisor
  • Department manager

Job Descriptions

Sales Associate

The sales associate position at Urban Outfitters, which is also known as the brand ambassador, provides excellent customer service to guests visiting the store. You need to be adaptable to changing conditions and requests of the customers. Additionally, you need to know the former and recent lines of the company to provide recommendations to customers.

One of your main objectives is contributing to your and the store’s sales quota. You will also need to restock the shelves and aisles during your shift and escort customers into the store to find what they are looking for. As a brand ambassador, you will be expected to reflect the company values in each communication.

Urban Outfitters Hiring


One of the mottos that have been previously used for new beddings at Urban Outfitters was: “Stay in bed all day? Sounds good to us.” and they’ve meant it. If you will be an employee of the company, of course, you will work daily, rather than staying in bed all day. We understand you… Urban Outfitters will take care of your life quality. If you’re looking for a company that understands your needs and cares about you, start working at Urban Outfitters.


Urban Outfitters has two different interview processes. As they can invite you for an in-person interview at one of their stores, you can have your interview online as well. This depends on which position you have applied for. However, in general, we can easily say that the entire process will be an easy peasy for you.

They only ask a few questions and all of them are designed to get to know you better. In addition to this, they will inform you about the company and position you have applied for. Make sure that you ensure good communication with the interviewer and provide honest answers to his or her questions.

Employee Benefits

There is a comprehensive benefits package that is provided by Urban Outfitters to many employees. The benefits and perks at Urban Outfitters include an opportunity of working in a collaborative environment with creative people, an Employee Referral Program, paid time off, special events, employee discount, dog care during work, commuter benefits, partnership discounts, growth opportunities within the company, dental, medical, and vision plans, telemedicine, domestic partner coverage, 401(k) plans, accident insurance, Flexible Spending Account, critical illness insurance, pet insurance, life & disability insurance, and 6-months paid parental leave for full-time store employees.

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