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Founded in 1775, some 240 years ago, the United States Postal Service is an independent agency of the US government.

It is headquartered in Washington, DC with over 500,000 career and 130,000 non-career or part time careers individuals as of 2016 figures.

It is legally abided to the US citizens for delivering postal services as uniform price irrespective of geographic location. Its main competitors are UPS and FedEx.

Open Positions: Rural Carrier Associate, Mail Carrier, Distribution Associate, Postal Clerk, Mail Handler, Rural Carrier Associate, Tractor Trailer Driver, Motor Transport Operator, Delivery Driver, Truck Driver.

How to Apply United States Postal Service: Official Site

United States Postal Service Job Application Online

Before you visit the careers section you can find the various services it offers today, which is at the very bottom of the page. You can find the categories on the left side.

You can find job application for 17 year olds here under the “students and graduates” category. Apart from that, you have corporate, delivery, and special positions for military and veterans.

Your job application process can begin after you select a job title, and create an account online. To do so, go to apply now button and use the familiar search tool.

United States Postal Service Part Time Jobs

So, after you have created an account, you can find lots of part time jobs for 17 year olds and directly apply using the online resume. There are diverse roles with better pay ranging from $13 to $15 per hour on an average.

This included city carrier assistant, CCA, a mail processing clerk who gets around $15.8 per hour. There are also rural carrier assistants, city letter carriers, mail carriers and so on.

United States Postal Service Will Take on Staff

It takes on staff through the various categories and part time jobs posted online. It includes internships and college campus programs as well. On present Feb 2018, there are announcements for summer internships in DC and other areas in the US.

United States Postal Service Job Application Form

The online account helps you track the progress of your application. You have to fill up the job application form just once and can keep using it.

There is no job application PDF to download, while PDF can be used to upload your resume

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