Tim Hortons Application Form Printable PDF

Tim Hortons Application Form Printable PDF

Tim Hortons Application Form PDF

Tim Hortons Job Application Form

The employment application form of Tim Hortons consists of 2 pages.

  • First, write the date of application and the date you will be available to start working, state how you heard about this opportunity, and write the name of the person who referred the job.
  • On the following table, check your desired position, employment status, and hours of availability in terms of days and hours.
  • After that, provide some personal information.
  • Then, answer two questions about your education and activities.
  • On the second page, provide information about your current or most recent employer, and provide information about another previous employer.
  • If you have ever worked at a Tim Hortons location before, answer the following questions regarding the job.
  • Next, you should answer two open-ended questions about your thought about hospitality. We advise you that you provide thoughtful answers to these questions because showing your competence in the language and showing your overall competence as an employee will put you one step ahead of other applicants.
  • Then, list three references not given above and are not any of your relatives.
  • Finally, you should read the statements at the bottom of the second page, then sign and date the form.

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