Steak ‘n Shake Application Form Printable PDF

Steak ‘n Shake Application Form Printable PDF

The application form for crew employment at Steak ‘n Shake is 2 pages long.

  • First, indicate whether you are 16 years old or not. Then, write today’s date.
  • Next, start filling in the blanks by providing your personal information.
  • Also, indicate your desired job position and give some specifications about what you desire during your employment.
  • Next comes the Work Schedule section.
  • On the schedule, specify your available hours and days.
  • In the Other Information section, you are expected to answer a series of questions and provide some explanations when necessary.
  • The second page starts with the Employment Information section.
  • Complete your work history in detail.
  • Then, you should provide your high school, college, and/or graduate school education.
  • Name 3 references who are not family members nor former employers of yours.
  • Provide the contact information of an emergency contact and read the Jury Trial Waiver, then initial the paragraph below.
  • Finally, read the Acknowledgement, print your name, sign, and date the page.

The application form is now ready to be submitted at your local Steak ‘n Shake restaurant.

Steak ‘n Shake Job Application Form

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