Spencer’s Employment Tips 2021

Spencer's Employment Tips

What is it like to work at Spencer’s?

About 3 days after you submit an application to Spencer’s for a job, you will be called for an interview. The interview will mostly consist of situational questions such as “How would you handle a complaining customer?” and questions like that.

There is no uniform policy at Spencer’s, which sets the company apart from most of the retail stores in the US. As long as you dress properly, you can wear almost anything you want. Only for special days such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, employees may require to wear certain shirts, but other than that, there is no dress code. Also, you can dye your hair any color and have any piercings or tattoos. This is all because Spencer’s encourages employees who are expressing themselves as they wish.

The initial training after you get hired lasts 4-5 shifts. There is an online portal where you answer questions about work, learn the company’s history, and learn useful stuff that will help you during work such as how to greet customers, information about piercings, jewelry, items in the adult section, etc.

You will be expected to always greet guests within the store. Each shift, you do the same exact things. A job at Spencer’s makes a really good first job because it is pretty simple, nothing is pretty hard. A typical Spencer’s store is really small in size, and since the job is repetitive, you can feel stuck in the register especially if you are a cashier.

Another rarely mentioned but commonly occurring aspect of working at Spencer’s is that little kids come into the store just to look at inappropriate stuff sold at the store every day. Dealing with such immature people might be annoying for some store associates. Also, many Spencer’s employees have reported that the store environment is unprofessional in a neutral way, especially the managers.

The minimum wage at Spencer’s is slightly above $8 an hour, and there is a 30% employee discount on all items at the store for Spencer’s employees. Also, every month for a single weekend around payday, there is a 40% employee discount where employees can buy things they want at a really good price.

Now, we hope that you got an idea about entry-level employment at Spencer’s. You can also look at our other article about Spencer’s that explains the application steps, provides detailed information about job positions, definitions of some popular job positions at Spencer’s, and more.

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