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Company Info

Southwest Airlines is the largest wallet-friendly airline company in the world. It was founded in 1967 as “Air Southwest”. Four years later, in 1971 the name changed into the modern name “Southwest Airlines”. Southwest Airlines has a fleet composed of 754 planes and transport people to over 100 destinations, including 10 other countries in addition to the United States. Almost 59,000 employees are working at this company. The company is not the airline company that has the most points of destination among the companies in the United States, however, it is the largest in the United States. when it comes to the passengers that are transported.

Southwest Airlines Job Application Form

Job Application Form PDF

Southwest Airlines offers no printable job application form on the web that you can submit to the company by hand. Therefore, you are advised to go to the official website of Southwest Airlines, and make an online job application for any job position you’d like.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of Southwest Airlines.
  2. Enter any job title or location, then click “Search Jobs”.
  3. You will see the job listings. By using the panel on the left side of the page, you can refine your search by country, city, state, category, and employment type.
  4. Click a job title when you find a suitable job on the list.
  5. Read the work activities, job context, basic qualifications, required work experience, licensing/certification, skills/abilities/knowledge/work style, and other qualifications.
  6. Click the “Apply Now” button at the top.
  7. Enter your email address and click “Next”.
  8. You must then create a candidate profile as part of your online job application.
  9. After you provide it and attach any necessary documents, you can submit your application to Southwest Airlines.

Job Positions

  • Ramp agent
  • Flight attendant
  • Operations agent
  • Aircraft maintenance personnel
  • Material specialist
  • Customer service agent
  • Freight agent
  • Central baggage analyst


Southwest Airlines might be just the perfect opportunity for you if you’re interested in a career in the aviation industry. This is a company that’s dedicated to providing its employees with the best care and advancement opportunities possible. When you work with this company, you will feel like you are part of a warm family. Join Southwest Airlines, a company with a warm heart. You will feel like you’re at home, regardless of which location you really are as you work with Southwest Airlines.


Get ready for a professional interview process at Southwest Airlines. Due to the operation area of the company, they usually have an extensive interview process. In general, they are going to ask cliché interview questions and they will try to get to know more about you.

In addition to this, it will be a good idea to make some research about the company before attending the interview. Needless to say, you need to pay attention to how you look. You need to wear a formal outfit. Moreover, during the interview, they usually ask you a few scenarios type questions to evaluate how you may perform in your position.

Employee Benefits

There are a lot of employee benefits that are offered to employees of Southwest Airlines. These benefits include medical, vision and dental coverage, flexible spending accounts, Health Saving Account, short-term and long-term disability plans, basic life insurance, and AD&D in terms of health. The financial benefits of Southwest Airlines include a 401(k) plan, ProfitSharing, and an employee stock purchase plan. Also, Southwest Airlines employees can be enrolled in the Clear Skies-Employee Assistance Program, enjoy time off and receive some health and wellbeing awards. Community outreach, employee engagement & travel, and training & development opportunities are also provided to eligible Southwest Airlines employees.

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