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Sky Zone is an indoor parks chain based in the United States. The main office of the company is located in Los Angeles, California. The corporation provides its customers with trampolines, indoor climbing walls and other various courses. Sky Zone was purchased by CircusTrix at the beginning of 2018. The company was established by American businessman Jeff Plat in 2004. He firstly built a trampoline site in Las Vegas. Although it was hard in the beginning to maintain the business, the enterprise was successful and the company managed to keep growing with the help of the founder’s son, Jeff. The corporation created a new type of sport that is called Ultimate Dodgeball and it holds the sport’s worldwide championship as well. Today the company runs at more than 210 locations in 8 countries and plans to expand more. Over 1,000 people visit each Sky Zone park every day.

SkyZone Apply

Sky Zone Jobs and Careers

Who doesn’t like having fun? We don’t think that it is you. Apply for a job at Sky Zone now to start working at Sky Zone and have the best job you have ever had. No one can consider this as a boring job as the whole business is set on entertainment. Since each Sky Zone park hosts more than a thousand clients every day, imagine the funny moments you will witness with all those children and young people during your working hours! Plus, all the fun is just a bonus comparing to the young team and good wage opportunities considered for them. Apply for a job at this amazing company before it is too late!

How do I apply for a job at Sky Zone?

  1. Go to the career website of Sky Zone.
  2. You will be seeing the available job openings as a list on the page if you scroll down. Check the job list and decide if any of the jobs on the list is suitable for your interests. If you click on the “See Details” text right under the job title, you will be able to read qualifications and responsibilities regarding the job position.
  3. Click on the “Apply” button to proceed. You will be seeing a google docs page, on which you can write down your personal information.
  4. You need to fill out the 8-page long application document.
  5. Also, you need to upload your CV and write a cover letter to show your high motivation when needed.
  6. Click on the “Submit” button when you are finished.
  7. You will be finalizing your application process by submitting the document to Sky Zone online.

Basic Information

Job Positions: Flight crew employee, court monitor, sales associate, cashier, party host, team member, assistant manager, event specialist, general manager, shift supervisor, operations manager, dishwasher/food prep, and more.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Court Monitor: You should pay attention to the court at all times and be interactive with the participants. You should have full knowledge of emergency procedures and assist in implementing them. You will perform general maintenance/custodial duties as requested.

Trampoline Park Flight Crew Employee: You will be responsible for the coordination of birthday parties and events. You will conduct daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance checks. You will assist in managing inventory on a weekly basis, and you will support the team in all opening and closing procedures of the park.

Party Host: You will greet the party and escort them from the court to the party room, and you will serve refreshments. You will be required to create a party gift list of presents when necessary. You may occasionally need to perform custodial duties as requested.

Sky Zone Job Application Form PDF

Below, you can see the printable job application form of Sky Zone. Click the link to open the form. You can download the form and fill it out with your pen. Then, you can submit it to your local Sky Zone park by going to the place in person. This might increase your chance of being selected over the online job applicants by the hiring personnel at Sky Zone.

The employment application form of Sky Zone consists of 3 pages. On the first page, you are invited to provide basic personal information, specify your available hours, and answer a set of questions by ticking “yes” or “no”. At the bottom of the first page, explain your education, training and experience. The second page is completely devoted to your employment history. On the third page, list three persons not related to you who have knowledge of your work performance within the last three years. Then read each of the following paragraphs carefully, initial each paragraph and sign below on the third page.

Sky Zone Job Application Form

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