Sephora Application Form Printable PDF

Sephora Application Form Printable PDF

Sephora Job Application Form

The application form for employment at Sephora is a long one that consists of 7 pages.

  • First, write your name, email address, present address, and phone number.
  • Next, answer a series of multiple-choice questions and list any relatives working for Sephora.
  • In the next section, state the job position(s) you apply for, and the rate of pay that you expect.
  • Check “full-time” or “part-time” then. Specify days and hours if you choose “part-time”.
  • The next section is about your work experience. List all your work experience starting with the most recent ones. Provide the requested information such as the name of the company and the work you were doing.
  • If you have any office/clerical skills, you can indicate them in the first section of the second page.
  • Fill in the following table with the required information about your education.
  • After that, list four references.
  • Read the statement about job applications. If you agree, write the date of the application and sign the form.
  • The remaining pages are titled “Background Release Form Disclosure & Consent”, “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act”, etc.

You can submit the application form to your local Sephora store after you take a look at all pages of this form and fill it out.

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