Rue21 Application Form Printable PDF

rue21 Application Form Printable PDF

rue21 Job Application Form

The application form for employment at rue21 is 2 pages long.

In the first section, you should provide personal information.

Then, check “Yes” or “No” next to a couple of questions.

If you have ever been discharged from a job, explain in the blanks.

If you have ever been convicted of a serious crime, indicate it and provide some explanations.

The next section is about your desired employment at rue21. Check the job position you are applying for and indicate part-time or full-time when applicable.

Write the city and state of the rue21 store, at which you are seeking employment.

Answer some questions about your employment status and specify your availability in the given schedule in terms of days and hours.

Sign the form and write the date at the bottom of the first page, then proceed to the second page.

The second page begins with sections asking for information about your education and work history. Provide all necessary information clearly.

If you have served in the U.S. Military, indicate it in the following section. Next, answer three questions. The style you answer these questions is pretty important because it will be a reliable predictor of your verbal skills, which are so important at working at rue21 stores.

Lastly, list three professional references and provide some additional required information.

Write your name (print it) at the bottom of the second page to validate your application.

Now, you can submit the form to the management when you visit a rue21 store near you to apply for a job. Good luck!

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