Real Canadian Superstore Application Form Printable PDF

Real Canadian Superstore Application Form Printable PDF

The job application form of Real Canadian Superstore consists of 2 pages.

  • First, you write your full name and address.
  • Then, check the box about availability and indicate the department that you are interested in working in.
  • Next, answer a series of questions.
  • On the second page, answer two open-ended questions, then list your recent employment history.
  • Complete the Employment Reference and Educational Background sections as well.
  • Finally, read the statement, sign below the statement, and write today’s date.

The form is now ready to be submitted to the manager of a Real Canadian Superstore location near you.

(Note that hiring managers at supermarkets usually look at the verbal skills of job applicants, so the answers you give to the open-ended questions on the form should be thoughtful ones that make sense.)

Real Canadian Superstore Job Application Form

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