RadioShack Application Form Printable PDF

RadioShack Application Form Printable PDF

RadioShack Job Application Form

The application form for at-will employment at RadioShack is a long one that consists of 8 pages.

  • Don’t fill in the blanks in the section that is titled “For Company Use”. Start filling out the form by writing your full name, address, home phone number, office phone number, cell phone number, and/or message phone number.
  • If you were previously employed by RadioShack or another subsidiary of RadioShack’s parent company, you can state it in the following section.
  • At the bottom of the first page, write the position you are applying for, your required earnings, and the date you will be available to start working.
  • Then, specify your available days and hours in the given schedule.
  • On the second page, you should provide a comprehensive set of information about your employment history.
  • Then provide the name and title of three of your business references. Indicate their companies and phone numbers as well.
  • Complete the Education and Training section on the third page. Below this section, you can list any special training, skills, hobbies, or interests you believe help qualify you for the position applied for. Software knowledge also counts.
  • Read the Certification and Agreement, sign the page, and date it to validate the application. Do not write anything on the fourth page.
  • Take a look at the following four pages of the form, then submit it to your local RadioShack store when you think you are ready.

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