Omega Sports Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

Omega Sports is a small sporting goods chain that is operating in some locations throughout North Carolina. It was founded by Phil Bowman and Thom Rock who were students at the University of Virginia back then in 1978 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Omega Sports is a sports products retailer as a neighborhood store. Now, the company manages 14 stores in different areas of North Carolina such as Durham, Greenville, High Point, Morrisville, and Raleigh. They make their service personalized! The company has provided employment opportunities to hundreds of employees within its stores in its 41 years of experience.

Omega Sports Application Online & PDF

Job Application Form PDF

Below is the printable job application form of Omega Sports. Click to open the form. Print it, fill it out with your pen and submit it to your local Omega Sports store for employment. Good luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Click the link to see the online job application form of Omega Sports.
  2. There will be a file that you should fill to apply for a position at Omega Sports. You can easily write and use the tools to provide your information on the application form.
  3. Fill in your personal information first.
  4. Choose the job position you want to work and write down how much salary you want to desire to earn.
  5. Choose the location that you would love to work at. It can be a place really closer to your house.
  6. Write down your work experiences and your education history to make your application seem more reliable.
  7. You have to accept the conditions of the company. Finalize your application by sending the pdf document to the main e-mail address of the company.

Job Positions

  • Sales associate
  • Stock associate
  • Distribution associate
  • Management


The first principle of the founders of Omega Sports when they founded this company was the idea to support helps us to reduce our stress level. It helps us to keep an active lifestyle and an uplifting mentality. They want to serve their neighbors with high-quality products. If you are into a job position where you can reach your personal goals in life and get to know high-quality people in your working area, you should definitely apply for a job at Omega Sports because it is going to be a perfect fit for your career!

Job Positions & Salaries

Sales Associate: Your primary duty will be providing the best customer service possible to the customers in the store. Since the large majority of the customers of Omega Sports are teenagers and young adults, you need to match them in energy and enthusiasm. You will assist them while shopping and recommend products that fit their needs. You will accept payments from customers and organize the products in the store.

Prerequisite: None.

Keyholder: ­­­­­­You will perform managerial tasks. You will open and close registers and take accurate inventory. You will order products from the distribution center when there is a product shortage. You will take charge of employees by coaching and supervising them.

Prerequisite: Retail and manager experience.

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