McDonald’s Employment Tips 2021

What is it like to work at McDonald’s as a Crew Member?

In this article, we are providing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about employment at McDonald’s restaurants as Crew Members.

What is the minimum age for working as a crew member at McDonald’s?

The minimum age limit is 14 in some places and 16 in other places. The age limit depends on the state you are living in and whether the restaurant is company-owned or franchisee-owned. If you are 14, your work hours will be limited.

Is getting a job at McDonald’s easy?

The best way that will lead to the highest chance of employment is to make an in-person job application by going to a McDonald’s restaurant near your home. When you go to the restaurant, find the manager, and ask them if there is any part-time or full-time vacancy. Then, if they say “yes”, hand them the job application form that you have pre-filled at home. The manager will think that you are a dedicated applicant who gives importance to your job application. The manager will probably tell you that they will call you within a week. Approximately 5 days after your application, if they haven’t called you yet, call the restaurant and ask whether your application is accepted or not. This way, you will get ahead of most of the other applicants because the manager will think that you really want the job at McDonald’s.

What questions do they ask in McDonald’s interview?

If they finally call you for an interview, be at the interview location 10-15 minutes before the meeting time. The interview location will be in the McDonald’s restaurant. Wear something between casual and formal that day. Since most McDonald’s restaurants are owned and operated by different people, the interview process at all restaurants is slightly different from another. However, most of the time, the interview process is really simple and takes short time. The most common interview questions at McDonald’s are “Why do you want to work at McDonald’s?”, “Can you work in a fast-paced environment?”, and “Are you good at customer service?”. If you have decent answers to these questions, you don’t need to worry at all. Many employees reported that the interview process took only 5 minutes at McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s drug test?

You may or may not be required to take a drug test. This varies from restaurant to restaurant.

Do you get training at McDonald’s?

Yes, you do get training at McDonald’s upon hiring. The training and orientation process also varies from restaurant to restaurant. They sometimes make you watch a video about safety and customer service, then provide 1 hour to 4 hours of paid training. The orientation may take place in an office. The training will most probably be in the kitchen of a restaurant. The dress code of McDonald’s doesn’t allow the employees to work something other than black dress pants, which cover your legs until your socks. It is also recommended that you wear non-slip shoes because you will certainly need them in your work area.

How long does training last at McDonald’s?

The training process is usually pretty short and inadequate. You learn most of the things by watching your co-workers in your work area. For example, if you are placed at the cash register, you may be afraid of all the buttons on the register. However, if you request help from a co-worker, you will easily get used to it after a couple of tries. Co-workers are everything when you perform an entry-level job at McDonald’s, so you will benefit from forming positive relationships with your co-workers. Feeling comfortable in a fast-paced work environment will be far more beneficial for you than having hostile feelings towards each other as co-workers.

What does a Crew Member at McDonald’s do?

As a Crew Member, you will not work in a single area. You will constantly switch areas depending on the need.

What are the shifts at McDonald’s?

Shifts also change depending on the restaurant. Some shifts can be as short as 2 hours and some can be 6 hours long. The breaks also vary. Usually, there is no break during short shifts.

Do McDonald’s Crew Members get free food?

During breaks, you can eat and drink anything sold at your McDonald’s restaurant for free. You can order food at a discount outside of work hours during your employment.

Is McDonald’s an easy job?

This paragraph was not written to discourage you from applying for a job at McDonald’s. Instead, it is written to make you mentally prepared before you start working here, so you won’t be disappointed and demotivated when you face the difficulties of the job. Your work environment will be hot and some employees in the kitchen part may get burned in their first days. The employees at the front counter should interact with a high number of customers in a relatively short period of time. A common piece of knowledge among McDonald’s employees, once they start working, is that some customers are really rude and problematic. You are advised to not take everything personally when customers act in a bad manner towards you. Because you will repeatedly walk back and forth getting and delivering supplies during work, your feet and back may hurt after the shifts. In addition, the employees usually smell grease after their shifts, regardless of their work area. Also, according to the McDonald’s company policy, you are not allowed to take tips from customers.

What skills do you get from working at McDonald’s?

Being a McDonald’s Crew Member is not something unworthy. Most of the shift leaders, managers, and franchisees of McDonald’s have worked as crew members once. Moreover, because you will be interacting with a wide range of customers including problematic ones, a job at McDonald’s will be a big plus when you apply for a job position in the future that requires customer service.

McDonald’s Employment Tips

To sum up, we will mention a couple more things before you start to work at McDonald’s. Firstly, you are definitely going to make mistakes, so do not let your motivation and self-confidence decrease because of some mistakes you do. Not doing something you don’t know how to do may decrease your number of mistakes. When you don’t figure out something, we recommend that you ask your co-workers. You will almost always be guided by them. Secondly, you will be very likely to gain unhealthy weight because of the increased amount of fast food you will consume. However, this is not the case for all workers, so no need to worry in advance. Now, if we could motivate you to start working at McDonald’s, don’t waste any more time and apply for a job at a McDonald’s restaurant in your neighborhood!

Now, you can start looking for job openings at McDonald’s restaurants near you! You can see the latest vacancies, the online application process, and more info about McDonald’s in our article titled McDonald’s Application Online & PDF 2021.

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