Kohl’s Employment Tips 2021

Kohl's Employment Tips

What is it like to work at Kohl’s?

After you are hired, you will learn useful information about the job position that you have applied for. Kohl’s trains employees by the shadowing method, which is the method in which a new employee follows an existing, experienced employee during work, and learns how to perform necessary tasks by watching them. After a few days of shadowing, you will be on your own on the sales floor.

Retail jobs are known for requiring store associates to work in different departments or even different positions within the store. Jobs at Kohl’s are no different. Kohl’s stores often end up understaffed because employees don’t show up during their shifts, and eventually you may be one of the few store associates on the sales floor. As a result, you may have to deal with customers in multiple departments instead of the single department that you were hired at. Also, you may sometimes be called to work on your off-days due to staff shortage.

The breaks are 15 minutes at Kohl’s, and there is a 15% employee discount, which is nice because Kohl’s is a slightly high-end retailer. The employee discount makes the store merchandise more accessible. Perhaps the most exhausting part of being a store associate at Kohl’s is the clothes that customers leave scattered in the fitting room. Cleaning up customers’ mess can seem endless sometimes, and can be very tiring as well.

Now, if you have an idea about entry-level employment at Kohl’s, you can look at our other article about Kohl’s that explains the application steps, provides information about job positions and definitions of some popular job positions at Kohl’s, the application form, and more.

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