In-N-Out Burger Employment Tips 2021

In-N-Out Burger Employment Tips

What is it like to work at In-N-Out Burger?

In-N-Out Burger is Californians’ favorite fast-food chain by far. People usually order “animal style” burgers and fries at restaurants. Also, you can order a “protein style” burger with a lettuce bun.

The greatest competitors of In-N-Out Burger are Five Guys and Johnny Rockets. In the late 2010s, either In-N-Out Burger or Five Guys were selected as the “best regional burger chain” in the Southwest.

In-N-Out Burger is one of the most popular workplaces among the American youth. The main reason for that is the relatively high pay rate to entry-level employees when compared to other burger chains. The hourly wage is about $13 at In-N-Out, which is about 50% more than the average pay rate of other burger chains in the US. In addition to its full-time employees, In-N-Out Burger provides health insurance also for its part-time employees, which is rarely seen in the fast-food industry. That’s why this restaurant chain is qualified job applicants’ focus of attraction.

The company is against franchising. Rather, all In-N-Out Burger restaurants are managed by the company. Also, the restaurants don’t use frozen or microwaved food. Serving all food fresh and at top quality is so crucial to the company that there aren’t any In-N-Out locations on the East Coast. All restaurants are concentrated in California and a few nearby states. This way, all food can be delivered from the local farms in California to all the In-N-Out restaurants without needing to use freezers.

Because all restaurants are company-managed, all In-N-Out restaurants are almost exactly the same with each other.

The quality of the food is so important to the company that in 2018, the In-N-Out restaurants were temporarily closed because the company was not satisfied with the quality of buns. When the quality was improved, the restaurants reopen.

The menu of In-N-Out Burger, which just includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and double cheeseburgers, looks simple. However, there are some additional options on their “secret menu”. Employees of the restaurant chain are experts with all the details about the secret menu items.

The kitchen is in front of the customers to see their food being prepared. For example, the customers can see potatoes being sliced. In-N-Out Burger recently announced that the company will decrease the use of antibiotics in their farms where the meat comes from. Most In-N-Out Burger locations are very hygienic as well.

The In-N-Out Burger restaurants are very busy starting from the mid-day. There is usually a queue ending at the exterior door of the restaurant. However, since the employees are serving really fast, the average waiting time is only about 3 minutes. Thus, before submitting an application, employee candidates should make sure that they are capable of working in a fast-paced restaurant environment for long hours.

We hope that you have a general idea about the company culture of In-N-Out Burger so far. You can also look at our other article about In-N-Out Burger that explains the application steps, provides detailed information about job positions and definitions of some popular job positions at In-N-Out Burger, the application form, and more.

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