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Company Info

HomeGoods is an American chain that sells discounted home furniture. The products that are sold by HomeGoods are 20%-60% below the regular prices of department and specialty stores. The company was founded in 1992 in Framingham, Massachusetts. Today, it is owned by TJX Companies. Today, there are over 500 HomeGoods locations in the United States.

HomeGoods Application Online

Job Positions

A decent variety of job opportunities are available at HomeGoods stores both for inexperienced job seekers who seek an entry-level job. You can apply for such jobs even if you don’t have any prior retail employment experience. Fortunately, there are great career advancement opportunities at HomeGoods once you manage to get hired. Below is a list of such jobs:

  • Housekeeping Associate
  • Merchandise Associate
  • Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Sales Floor Associate
  • Backroom Processor

On the other hand, experienced professionals can apply for a management-level job or an office job at HomeGoods. Management jobs such as Merchandise Coordinator, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Engagement Coordinator, Backroom Coordinator, and more are available at HomeGoods.

Job Descriptions

Those who need to start working and support themselves may want to consider applying for HomeGoods. This great company has minimum requirements in some of its job positions. This means that you can get the job without any degree or working experience. Below, you can find two of these positions you can consider applying for.

Retail Associate

The easiest job you can get at the company is a retail associate. As a retail associate, you are going to work in the stores and contribute to the daily operations. This includes communication with the customers. You have to assist them and provide answers to their questions. Most of the time, they also request some recommendations. Thus, you need to know more about every product in the store. Retail associates may also receive additional assignments from their supervisors through their shifts.

Store Cleaning Associate

Another position you can consider is store cleaning associate. You can apply for both part-time and full-time positions depending on your preferences. As the title of the job already suggests, you are going to work to ensure the cleanliness of the store. Besides the main store section, you also need to clean the back room, warehouse, and bathroom of the employees. Additionally, you need to complete the assignments provided by your manager.

Job Application Form PDF

Below, you can find the printable job application form of TJX, which is the parent company of HomeGoods. Print it and fill it out with your pen. Then, bring it to your local HomeGoods store for employment.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of TJX, which is the parent company of HomeGoods.
  2. Click the Corporate, Stores, or Distribution & Logistics links at the right side of the page.
  3. A pop-up will open. Click “CONTINUE”. Then it will redirect you to a new website.
  4. On the new website, you will see a search toolbar. You can scroll down to see all job openings at TJX.
  5. To see jobs only at HomeGoods locations, you can write “homegoods” into the search bar and click “Search Jobs”.
  6. Then, you can browse through the job listings. Click any job on the list to read the corresponding job description.
  7. On the job description page, read the job summary and the minimal requirements regarding the position.
  8. Then, click the “Apply now” link at the bottom of the page if you want to apply for that job.
  9. You can apply with LinkedIn, Xing, or by yourself.
  10. You need to sign in to proceed to the online job application form.


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HomeGoods’ team of expert finders are scouring the globe throughout the year for the most interesting, fashionable merchandise from top brands, designers and artisans alike – and delivering to customers an exceptional value. Working at HomeGoods is more than a job. It is rather a journey. There is nothing as exciting as the moment you receive an amazing service. Come and be a part of the HomeGoods team that creates magical moments for people. Apply for a job today and join the HomeGoods team!

Employee Benefits

These goods are being sold at stores at an average of 26,000 square feet. HomeGoods offers some benefits to its employees as well. HomeGoods employee benefits vary depending on job position and length of service, however, they are designed to improve the associates’ well-being and work-life balance. There are also employee discounts at HomeGoods stores for many employees.

First Days At Work

After they say that you are hired, the orientation process will start. There are orientation videos. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete watching the videos. The videos are about safety, the HomeGoods values, how to properly pick up some heavy items without hurting your back, etc. Then you will shadow an already-employed HomeGoods employee in the same position as yours for 3 hours. The orientation will take 5-7 hours in total. You would enjoy learning that HomeGoods offers paid orientation, so for all these hours, you will get paid. You would also enjoy hearing that in the breakroom of a HomeGoods store, there is a lot of snacks.

Additional Info

HomeGoods, which is operated by the giant company TJX in the United States, Canada and Europe, provides grant funding for nonprofits that support “vulnerable families and children get access to resources and opportunities they need to build a better future.” The company does this by giving across four principal social impact areas which are fulfilling critical basic needs for families and children struggling to meet them, providing education and training for at-risk youth to help them reach their full potential, supporting research and care for life-threatening illnesses, preventing domestic violence and providing victims with safe havens and the tools and resources needed to rebuild.

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