Home Depot Employment Tips 2021

Home Depot Employment Tips

What is it like to work at Home Depot?

The Home Depot hires a lot of staff each week. After the interview process ends, you will be hired in a short time if the manager likes you. As a store associate (such as a hardware associate), you should pass the drug screening and background check. After the screening process, you will reach the training step. There is no floor training at Home Depot. All training is held over the computer. During the computer-based training, you will be exposed to everything about your specific department (such as the hardware department). You will have to read about things and take quizzes. You should pass all quizzes before you go working on the sales floor.

A Home Depot store is a fun environment. Most of the associates are high school students or college students. During breaks, you can easily make friends by chatting with people that are working at other departments. People are fun to be around and there is high energy at the typical Home Depot store. You will feel like in a family at Home Depot. Customers are also polite in general.

Store associates at Home Depot are constantly busy. Even if you are not in good shape at the time you apply for the job, you will be in shape in a short time because you will be constantly lifting boxes and merchandise and placing them on the shelves, climbing ladders, and using forklifts. You will be physically active during most of your shifts. You will be constantly walking up and down from somewhere to somewhere within the store. Typical shifts are between 6-8 hours.

As an entry-level employee, you usually start working at a standard rate of pay. If the store manager notices that you work hard, you will get a pay raise even if you are not working at the store long enough to expect a promotion. Flexible schedules are available at Home Depot to accommodate the needs of students, who constitute a large portion of all entry-level hourly employees at Home Depot stores. One thing that Home Depot doesn’t like is an employee who comes to work late. You can be fired easily if you keep coming late to work. Apart from that, we believe that you will like your job at Home Depot and become a successful employee if you are into home improvement.

Now, we hope that you got an idea about entry-level employment at Home Depot. You can also look at our other article about Home Depot that explains the application steps, provides detailed information about job positions, definitions of some popular job positions at Home Depot, and more.

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