Harbor Freight Tools Application Form Printable PDF

Harbor Freight Tools Application Form Printable PDF

The application form for employment at Harbor Freight Tools is a long one that consists of 7 pages.

  • First, write the position that you are applying for and write the date.
  • Then, provide some personal information and your employment status.
  • Select the employment type that you desire, then specify the days and hours that you can work.
  • Fill in the blanks on the rest of the first page. The second page starts with the Education section.
  • Next to it, you can describe any office or warehouse equipment that you can operate.
  • Write the requested details about your employment history and explain all gaps between your employments.
  • Lastly, read the statement. Under the statement, write your name, sign the form, and write the date.
  • The rest of the pages are supplementary to the application for employment. It would be a plus if you fill them out, too.

You can find the printable application form here:

Harbor Freight Tools Job Application Form

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