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Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is an American hypermarket store chain. Fred Meyer is the pioneer of the one-stop shopping culture in the United States. You can find almost anything at the gigantic Fred Meyer stores. There are Fred Meyer stores in four Western states, which are Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. Fred Meyer is operating over 130 stores, at which 30,000 employees are working.

Fred Meyer Application

Fred Meyer Job Application Form PDF

In addition to making an online job application via the official website of the company, you can also submit a hard copy of the job application form to a Fred Meyer location. Down below on this page, we provide the link to the printable job application form of Kroger, which is the parent company of Fred Meyer.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

Fred Meyer How To Apply Online

Take these simple steps to submit an online application for a job at Fred Meyer.

  1. Go to the official career website of Kroger, which is the parent company of Fred Meyer.
  2. Click “APPLY TODAY”.
  3. You will see a list that shows job openings at the Kroger company and its subsidies. To see the job opportunities at Fred Meyer, write “fred meyer” into the search bar at the left toolbar.
  4. Look at the job openings below on the same page. Click on any of them to read the corresponding job description.
  5. Read the position summary, essential job functions, minimum position qualifications, and the desired previous education or work experience for the job.
  6. If you decide to apply for the job, click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the page.
  7. You will reach the sign-in page. Create an account and then sign in. After that, you just need to fill out the online job application form that you see.

Fred Meyer Job Positions

Among the most popular entry-level job positions at Fred Meyer are:

  • Cashier
  • Retail Service Clerk
  • Customer Service
  • e-Commerce Clerk

Fred Meyer Job Descriptions

Fred Meyer has been hiring new employees without any working experience. So, if you are looking for a quick job or a way to start your career, you can consider this company. In addition to this, some of these positions do not require any degree either. Thus, we have provided two of these positions and their job descriptions in the following.

Retail Clerk

In this regard, you may want to consider applying for the retail clerk position. As a retail clerk, you are going to be responsible for the operations in the merchandising areas. Besides restocking shelves, you will also build signs, displays, and ends for the customers. You will also need to put away the returned products back to their relevant shelves. Retail clerks will also be responsible for the cleanliness of the store, especially the parts visited by the customers.


Another position you can consider applying for is the cashier position. Cashiers usually spend most of their time behind their desks and help the guests of the store to checkout. Besides handling cash, you will also work with POS devices to accept card payments. Moreover, cashiers may also answer phones and maintain the cleanliness of their working area. In short, you will take part in any operation that ensures customer satisfaction.

Online Grocery Pick-up Clerk

The online grocery pick-up clerk at Fred Meyer will be selecting and gathering items for the customers, who order online. You need to be careful and have good time-management skills to make the orders ready for delivery or pick up. Of course, you also need to follow the safety and bagging procedures while scanning and bagging the products for customers.

Your job requires you to get in touch with other departments. Thus, you need good communication skills to ensure healthy and efficient communication. Besides, you also need to report the stocks when they are a lot and check the optimal temperature in your working area.

Fred Meyer Careers

Food, electronics, clothing and many more! All can be found in Fred Meyer! Since 1931, Fred Meyer has served Americans with everything they need with great enthusiasm. Its ever-growing chain of supermarkets is always looking for new faces. If you are interested in working with the energetic team of Fred Meyer, this job will secure you in financial terms and will definitely satisfy your heart, as well!

Fred Meyer Interview

The interview processes of Fred Meyer are quite basic interviews that you might already have a couple of with other companies. You will be invited to an in-person interview and this interview will take place in a friendly atmosphere. You do not have to worry about the process at all. All you need to do is provide honest answers to the questions.

You may have to talk a bit about yourself such as your skills and work experiences. In addition to this, you may be asked about your availability. If they ask this, then you are one hundred percent hired! In general, interviews take about thirty minutes as well.

Fred Meyer Employee Benefits

Fred Meyer offers a benefits package to its employees. In the Fred Meyer benefits package, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, retirement plan, health insurance, flexible schedule, employee discount, dental & vision insurance, professional development assistance, and parental leave are included. Of course, the benefits package varies by factors such as job position or experience. To receive more detailed information, you should contact the store, at which you want to start working.

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