Disney Store Application Online & PDF 2023

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Disney Store is an international specialty store chain that is selling only Disney-related products. In the present day, there are over 200 Disney Store locations in North America, 100 in Europe and 40 in Japan. Disney Store is the oldest entertainment store in the United States.

Disney Store Application Online & PDF

Job Application Form PDF

Disney Store provides no printable job application form on the internet, which you can use by making an offline application to Disney Store. If you want to make an online application to Disney Store, visit the official career website of the company.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Job Positions

Some of the generic job positions at Disney Store are:

  • Sales associate
  • Key holder
  • Cast member
  • Assistant store manager
  • Merchandising assistant & distributor
  • Stock associate

Job Descriptions

We all know what a great and fun company Disney is! But have you ever dreamed of working in this magic world? Disney Store is looking for new teammates. Disney Store can play an essential role in your career, from clothes to souvenirs! You do not need to have work experience in order to get a job at Disney Store.

Sales Associate

The Sales Associate is one of the most critical positions for the store. You will communicate directly with customers and represent the brand. That’s why you need to establish good communication with customers and teammates and make a good impression. You should answer customers’ questions and make suggestions to them. To work in this position, you must be over 18 and work during holidays.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the official career website of Disney Store.
  2. You will see a list of jobs. You can customize the search criteria by using the panel on the right side of the page.
  3. You can filter jobs by category, country/region, state/province, city, job level, job posting language, business, and job type.
  4. You can select “United States” as the country and “Disney Store” as the business.
  5. After that, you will see the list of mostly Sales Associate job openings in Disney Store locations mostly in the United States.
  6. Click a job title that is on the list to read the job summary, responsibilities, basic and preferred qualifications, and required education for the job on a new page.
  7. Click “APPLY NOW” to proceed to the online application step.
  8. You must sign in to continue your application.


Today, there is almost no person who is not fascinated by Disney products. You can find miniatures, toys and models of many cartoon and movie characters at Disney Store. The most beautiful and quality gifts for children and loved ones can also be reached in a Disney Store. Disney Store is a reliable store chain with hundreds of stores around the world. By working at Disney Store, you can also have a reliable job that you enjoy working.


Depending on the position you have applied for at Disney Store, you may have a phone interview. After this interview, you will be invited for an in-person interview. Additionally, you may be directly invited to the in-person interview as well. In both scenarios, the process is pretty simple and there is nothing to worry about.

Most of the time, human resources employees will be the interviewers and they usually ask basic questions. Although the process may be simple, it is still professional. Thus, make sure that you wear appropriate clothes and pay attention to your look while going to the interview.

Employee Benefits

Ensuring an upbeat environment for shoppers of all ages is essential for the success of Disney stores. Employees are the ones that create an amazing atmosphere within the stores, so Disney knows that the employees must be satisfied with their employment at a Disney store.

For full-time employees, the benefits package includes medical, dental and vision coverage options, retirement plans, an employee stock purchase program, vacation and sick leave, tuition assistance, and theme park experiences.

Eligible part-time employees can enjoy retirement plans, tuition assistance, and theme park experiences. Also, wellness programs, childcare support, career development opportunities, exclusive discounts and commuter assistance are provided to all Disney Store employees. Disney Store employees earn their wages on a weekly basis, while there is the opportunity of Direct Deposit.

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