CVS Employment Tips 2021

CVS Employment Tips

What is it like to work at CVS Pharmacy?

CVS is like a community. They make you feel welcomed when you join the company as an employee. Customer service is one of the top priorities of CVS, therefore the company treats employees well. During your employment at CVS, you can get discounts and even scholarships. You also will have an organized workplace as the store area is generally tidy and has a good layout.

According to some former CVS employees, the shifts at CVS might get odd sometimes. The shifts might be between 4-10 in the afternoon/evening or 8-12 in the morning. Sometimes the shifts are very long, according to employee reports. Sometimes, they might require you to work in the morning right after the day that you worked in the afternoon and evening.

Generally, there aren’t many employees at CVS stores. This is because stores are not busy most of the day. It is likely that you spend your shifts sitting or stocking some items because customers seldom come to the store. You can end up mostly sitting there, not doing anything. However, when multiple customers come to the store at the same time, you may have to rely on your multitasking skills, because at a typical CVS store, there are 2 to 4 employees in the store area and the only other person is the manager, who is sitting in the backroom. If you don’t know what to do in a busy hour, you may struggle a bit, because you might not find too many co-workers to assist you in serving all these customers at the same time. With being that said, we believe that you will have a great time at CVS as an employee. You will learn a lot of stuff here and you will gain great experience that you can use in your future career.

Now, we hope that you got an idea about entry-level employment at CVS. You can also look at our other article about CVS that explains the application steps, provides detailed information about job positions, definitions of some popular job positions at CVS, and more.

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