Crazy 8 Online Application

Crazy 8 is a subsidiary company of the Gymboree Corporation, which is known retailer of quality children’s clothes and accessories since 1976. Compared to its competitors, Crazy 8 focused solely on merchandising children’s clothes.

Due to their specialized service, Crazy 8 became an institution that provides the one of the best children’s clothes. Despite being in business for only 10 years, they already have 300 stores across 22 states of America, which includes the District of Columbia. Additionally, they have a dedicated online shopping site that offers shipping service.

Crazy 8 Hiring

Crazy 8 regularly opens job vacancies for entry-level and professional individuals. Usually, entry-level jobs involve customer service or store maintenance, whereas higher level jobs involve managerial positions. Some of the most common entry-level jobs and its corresponding job descriptions are the following:

  • Associates handle general customer inquiries. As such, they must have a good memory on item locations and prices as well as interpersonal skills to politely direct customers. Usually, entry-level employees who excel as associates become eligible for a promotion.
  • Store Managers maintain the store’s inventory and perform weekly financial evaluation. They also handle business transactions and schedule appointments with banks and other financial institutions.
  • Merchandise Handler keeps the grocery store well-stocked, and they organize and arrange items to help customers get items easily. They also arrange shelves, place price stamps and marks, and periodically counts stocks.
  • Merchandisers effectively promote specific items by placing it in strategic locations at the store. They also promote these items on social media or in the dedicate store website. As such, they work together with the company’s marketing professionals to ensure that products are priced and advertised properly and effectively.

Other entry-level positions include the following:

  • Assistant merchandiser
  • Mechanic
  • Material handler
  • Technician

Crazy 8 Online Hiring

Applicants may find job openings from various Crazy 8 stores through the Gymboree Corporation website. It contains an extensive filtering system that allows applicants to look for available position in the nearest Crazy 8 store.

However, because each Crazy 8 store employs a manager and an assistant manager to handle employment concerns, Gymboree Corporation has not yet developed an online application portal for Crazy 8 stores. Nonetheless, applicants may visit the nearest Crazy 8 store to send their applications. A detailed instruction on applying for entry-level positions at Crazy 8 will be provided at the end of this article.

Crazy 8 Job Opportunities

Due to the nature of the job, Crazy 8 encourages applicants as young as 16 years old to apply. The friendly environment in Crazy 8 stores allows young employees to experience employment without the pressure. As such, they give extremely flexible working schedules for high school and college students. They also give ample training and work benefits, which includes the following:

  • Direct pay
  • Item discounts
  • Standard pay grades
  • Sabbatical programs
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid vacation
  • Health insurance which includes vision, dental and medical coverage

Apply for Crazy 8

Crazy 8 offers an online application portal for interested applicants. In their official website, applicants can click the “Apply Now” button to access Gymboree Corporation website. Afterwards, they must click the “Search Jobs” button to access the advanced search engine. From there, applicants can scan through the various job opportunities in their respective Crazy 8 stores.

Unfortunately, Crazy 8 does not have a dedicated online application portal. However, they provided a printable application form. Applicants must accomplish the Gymboree Corporation application form and submit to the concerned Crazy 8 store.

Moreover, Crazy 8 stores are one of the quicker companies in processing job applications. Normally, it only takes less than a week to receive a notification or employment offer from Crazy 8 managers.

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