Costco Application Form Printable PDF

Costco Application Form Printable PDF

Costco Job Application Form

Costco Job Application Form

The job application form of Costco consists of 5 pages.

On the first page, write the date of application, your name, signature and mobile phone number.

Then select your desired job position from the list. You can see typical entry-level positions, summaries, and the range of usual work shifts for each position.

On the next page, read the employee commitment entirely.

On the third page, provide your personal information completely.

Then provide information about your level of education shortly.

On the next page, you are asked to provide your skills/training and work history. You should list all of your employers in the last 10 years.

Read the following statement, sign and write the date of signing.

The last page is consent for disclosure of the personal information of applicants. Read it and fill in the blanks if you agree. Then, the application form will be completed.

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