Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Application Tips

Coco's Bakery Restaurant Application Online

Coco’s Bakery is an establishment that honors itself on regular innovation and progress. If you are looking to improve and learn not only as an employee but also as an individual, this bakery chain might be the perfect fit for you! Coco’s Bakery establishes a cozy workplace where families can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

This warmth also reflects their relationships with their customers. By working with Coco’s Bakery, you will be able to experience communicating and being part of different communities and ultimately develop to be a more socially understanding individual.

If you are willing to achieve these values, Coco’s Bakery might be the second home you were looking for.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Job Descriptions

Baker: You will be firstly expected to prepare bakery products with the Coco’s Bakery Restaurant brand standards. You should prepare, order, and store goods properly. You will be expected to establish good relations with your co-workers. Other dynamic responsibilities with the above functions will probably be assigned during any work time.

Server: Your duty will be based on customer satisfaction. You will be responsible for seating newcomer guests at appropriate tables, knowing and helping guests with the menu, and serving correctly the goods demanded by guests. You will be expected to pay attention to the company standards in terms of hygiene, customer satisfaction, etc.

Host: Your duty will be based on welcoming and providing a seat for guests in a hospitable manner. You will be expected to know regular customers. You will answer the restaurant’s phone, and try to meet guests’ demands. You should make an organized and correct waiting list when there is no available table. Other dynamic responsibilities are basically providing a hygienic and warm for both guests and workers.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Salaries

  • Assistant Chef – $54,774 per year
  • Cook – $16.37 per hour
  • Line Cook – $16.16 per hour
  • Prep Cook – $15.41 per hour
  • Restaurant Manager – $48,528 per year
  • Server – $9.68 per hour
  • Assistant General Manager – $51,228 per year
  • Shift Leader – $16.87 per hour

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