Carmike Application Online & PDF 2020

Carmike Cinemas is a cinema exhibitor based in Columbus, Georgia. The group has 276 theaters in 41 countries with almost 3,000 cameras, it became the United States’ fourth-largest cinema. The business became dubbed the “America’s Hometown Theatre” recently. The Carmike Theaters are located mostly in rural and in suburban areas where residents under 200,000 live. AMC Theater’s plan to purchase Carmike Cinemas was revealed on March 4, 2016. On 21 December 2016, the agreement was closed; the pages of Carmike were mostly merged under the AMCC Classic brand (which still uses the emblem and slogan from Carmike).

Carmike Application Online & PDF

Carmike Jobs

A movie theater is a fun place to work in. It is a relaxed and motivational environment. The theater has staff who have the time to adequately prepare to make sure each guest is pleased to enter the place. Here, good work is often remembered as employees are promoted throughout the month. Take action and make a job application at Carmike!

How to Apply

  1. Go to the career website of AMC Theatres, which is the current owner of Carmike.
  2. Scroll the page down. Choose your job position. Click the red “Apply Now” button under the “Join Our Majestic Theatre Team” section on the left part of the page. Click “Apply Now” when you decide which one to select.
  3. Search job title, keywords, city and state and press “Search”.
  4. From the job list, click on a good job position at a good location.
  5. Read the job description carefully.
  6. If you like, click “Apply to job” at the end of the page.
  7. You must log-in to proceed.

Basic Information

Job Positions: Crew, facility maintenance manager, manager, cook, supervisor, bartender, janitor, crew leader.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Positions & Salaries

Crew: Your aim will be to deliver superior service while connecting with the guests and supporting efforts to achieve the company’s financial goals.

Janitor: You will collect and remove trash from theatres, lobby, restrooms, concessions, etc. You will wipe, dust, and polish surfaces including seats, handrails, walls, counters, etc.

Manager: You will supervise and coordinate operations of the theatre to achieve the company’s goals. You should povide leadership and development, and communicate expectations to all associates in a professional and safe work environment.

Carmike Application Form PDF

Carmike offers no printable job application form on the web for in-person job applicants. Thus, you are recommended to visit the official job application website of AMC Theatres and make an online job application. Good luck!

If you have any other questions, you can send an email to All emails are answered within 24 hours.

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