Big Lots Application Form Printable PDF

Big Lots Application Form Printable PDF

Big Lots Job Application Form

The employment application form of Big Lots consists of 4 pages.

  • On the first page, you should provide some personal data. There are also some questions about your employment and about the employment of people that you know at Big Lots.
  • Then, fill the table regarding your education.
  • Then, list the names of three people other than your relatives who have knowledge of your job-related skills. Also, provide some related information about them.
  • The second page is about your employment history. You should give a detailed list of your previous employments.
  • Then, read the statement at the bottom of the second page, sign the form, and write the date.
  • The third page is for the pre-screening notice and certification request for the work opportunity credit.
  • The fourth page is for the employer’s use, so don’t write anything on the fourth page.

You can now submit the form to the management of any Big Lots store.

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